You head to the internet gaming sites and chatrooms.

Nothing more dangerous than a bored hominid.

It is an instant of blazing clarity presented you, perhaps such as only glimpsed before by untold, and unburied, sun-mad desert hikers seeking such revelations.

And then loads. You scribe lazy and pointless figure-eights with your mouse: circle the PLAY button.

No - not circling like a carrion crow!

Tapping PLAY, brings up the old Atari games: You begin to play Tetris.

You are trying to distract yourself.

All through the first level, that gnawing not-as-simply-deleted thought swinging in your mind's back garden about a freight elevator's load of lawyers dangling in peril.

You cannot even say why you deleted the message.

What pithy comment might He hang around your neck? -- one of the Sir Attenboroughs in that documentary last night. Are you but the natural other-end of the thread? -- From barbecuing wildebeest over the fire sparked from two rocks bashed together -- to the two apes unquestioningly turning their keys simultaneously!

The End

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