The Men's Washroom

    Wow...this is fascinating. You'd always wondered why there was no washroom in the building. You probably should've just asked around, someone would've pointed you in the right direction...that taxi ride home had been hellishly long after the run-in with the burrito.

    You look around. This place is nice! Stainless steel, obviously cleaned recently. There is a gigantic fountain in the middle of the room. You notice there is a man holding the towels. There has to be some mistake. The company doesn't have a big enough budget for doughnuts in the break room, let alone an attendant so that you don't need to dry your own hands.

    What a terrible job that'd be, sitting in the bowels of the building, listening to other guys in the john. You laugh at your play on words, and the man looks at you with a smile.

    "It's been a lot of years since anyone below management has made it down here...alive..."

The End

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