*bing* you go down

An elevator on its way down stops on your floor, and you climb inside.  As the door starts closing, you notice your boss quick-marching down the hall towards you, much too dignified to all-out run to the elevator.  With your free hand, you stab repeatedly at the "Door Close" button, calling out "I'm sorry, Wally!  The 'Door Open' button is on the fritz again!"  The door slides shut and you slump against the wall, sighing with relief at the narrowly-missed opportunity to be harangued by your zealot boss.

The elevator shimmies and shakes on its way down; after a few minutes you realize that you haven't pressed a button, but since you have nowhere in particular in mind to go you decide to ride it out and see where you wind up.

3... 2... Ground floor... Maintenance... the elevator keeps descending.  That's weird; you've never been down this far before.  There doesn't even seem to be buttons on the panel that go this low.

Basement... Sub-basement... Coffee Creamer Flavour Debate Room Floor... Tech Department...

Finally the elevator begins to slow.  With a soft pffft! the elevator doors slide open.

Looking up, you see on the display that the floor you're on is:

The End

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