You begin singing.

Here is my contribution. It is a summary of a scene and sequel that needs to be fleshed out, using as much dialogue as possible.

You sing a song about a frog in a bog that makes you sigh. What makes you sigh about it?

goal. you reject this keyboard and want another instead. Jerry seems to have absconded 

 with your old one.

conflict. So you go to the Tech and Hardware Dept. "Sorry Bob, we're fresh out. What are you people doing with these keyboards, anyway? Eating them? Thirteen people came asking for one of the old keyboards today. And that was before 10 o'clock!" Jerry certainly does get around.

disaster. boss sees you with the Dil keyboard and assumes you've mastered a new technology. He mentions calling a big meeting to have you show what you've learned.

reaction. it's scary and embarrassing. it touches your pride positively because he thinks you know something the others don't, and gives you a very rare commendation. but it hurts your pride because you don't know anything about the Dil Beeper Pad Keyboard Thing. You're angry because Jerry is to blame for all of this.

dilemna. get out of doing the meeting. You're feeling sick, you have a manicure appointment, you just found out your boyfriend is stuck and needs you to come get him. It seems urgent: he mentioned something about blasting himself out of the ditch with dynamite. While you're still thinking up excuses, the boss comes by and says you need to give the presentation today, if you're up to it. If you're up to it! You don't say no to this boss. he already hates you enough because you're always spilling your coffee everywhere you go with it, and you never talk to his daughter Suzy (who is, of course, in administration) whose breath always reeks of onions, leeks, garlic and ginger.

decision. you will go in that meeting and bluff like you're telling a Davy Crockett tale. You'll blame the lights, you'll blame Sally in Accounts: Pay it Forward - any ridiculous thing - to explain why it's not "working" the way it should. And the whole time, it will be off.

Does someone catch on?

The End

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