I'm feeling adventurous! Bring on the prototype!

So, the prototype...

You look down at it for a moment as Jerry climbs under your desk to hook it into the tower. The thing is about the size of a normal keyboard, but there aren't any keys (?).

You poke and prod at it a bit. You flick it with your index finger. Picking it up you look at the bottom to see if it's upside down. As you set it back on the desk into the small puddle of coffee that you'd missed, Jerry emerges from under your desk. He stares at the keyboard like most men would stare at Marilyn Monroe if she suddenly sat down in a puddle of coffee on your desk. Jerry REALLY likes this keyboard. He clears his throat and speaks, "It's the 'Dil Exceleron 3000'. The sweetest little touch screen keyboard this side of Star Trek!" Jerry positivley beams at the keyboard as he flicks a switch on the side that you'd missed. The thing glows a bit...and then the 'DIL' logo comes up...you wait...it displays 'Hello! Have a nice day!' and you hate it already. It's might as well have displayed 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life' or 'Keep on trucking.' Platitudes. You hate platitudes.

You decide to spill your coffee on it as soon as Jerry leaves.

Eventually a keypad display comes up...and it's just like a normal keyboard...except it greeted you.

Damed stupid keyboard.

The End

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