Head to the bathroom because you suddenly really need to pee

You turn left out of your cubicle looking down the hall where you see one of the IT department sitting strangely next to the vending machine.

Pushing open the toilet door you head for the end toilet cubicle at the end near the frosted glass window. As you close the cubicle door and sit down on the toilet all you can hear is a slow dripping coming from the taps.

Suddenly you can hear the heavy breathing again, but this time it's not on the phone.... the phone is on your desk..... it's coming from another toilet cubicle.

Quickly, you grab some paper then pull up your trousers without flushing, staying so silent you can feel and hear your heartbeat racing. Slowly unlocking the door you open the door just so slightly that you can see out with your right eye.

Nothing, at least nothing in your vision, yet. Edging the door open to step your right foot out you can still hear the heavy breathing. But you edge out slow, looking to your left past the other four toilet cubicles to the exit, just eight or nine metres away.

You can't tell which cubicle the noise is coming from and move slowly towards the washbasins bending slightly to see if you can see a pair of feet under the cubicle doors.

No feet in the second or third, none in the fourth either, must be in the fifth you think to yourself. Gingerly holding onto a washbasin to steady yourself you squat slightly to look who is in the fifth cubicle.

What? No feet? You think. Just as one, then a second of two large black and dirty boots steps down from on top of the toilet seat they must of just been stood on.

The End

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