Head to the break room because you're suddenly very hungry

Oh ... no.

"Bud! -- Hey, Bud! -- What, they cut you loose? Here's a new one -- Can a glass of water...get drunk?"

Oh ...

"HEH'HEH'HEH'HEH! -- H'Geddit?!"


"So, where're y'headed? -- I'm gonna take a see if anybody's made coffee."

Woah! -- Change of plans! -- "I'm wanted up on Legal."

"Hey -- No rush -- They're all out on lunch -- Must be nice, eh? -- Shiney suits and shiney secretaries!"


"Aw, guess it's Sorry, Bud -- Guess it's the push out the twelth floor window then, eh! -- Or...Suggestion you step out...for a little fresh air! -- Heh'Heh! -- What'd you do? -- Promise we could actually deliver? -- Hey, maybe we'll all be lining up...like lemmings! Yeah, well, catch y'laters! -- If you're still around, eh!"

The End

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