You spill your coffee with extra creamer on your keyboard and have to call Jerry the new kid in tech to get a new one.

Darn the luck.  You sigh and dial in the extension for the tech department.  Righting your mug on your desk, you upend the keyboard over top of it and watch the dark, silt-ridden liquid flow out of the now useless equipment.  Look at this mess: it doesn't look like they keyboard has been cleaned since... well, ever!

You tap your pen impatiently on your desk; is anyone going to pick up? You've already been at work for ten minutes and you haven't even begun your usual Internet procrastinating.  Is it Monday? Only five more days until the weekend...

"Hello?" You hear the voice of Jerry pick up the extension in the tech department office.

"Hi Jerry," you reply acerbically. "Look, I just got to my cubicle and some idiot has spilled coffee all over my keyboard, so I'm going to need  new one.  I think I smell vanilla... is Norma working today?"

"OK, no problem," says Jerry and you think to yourself that he's not such a bad kid after all.  "Actually, we just got a new prototype keyboard delivered that nobody has tested yet.  Do you want to try it out, or should I bring you a regular one?"


The End

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