You check your email

Depressingly enough, both messages in your inbox are work related.

You first read on the one flagged “Important” from Grant Hudgins, your boss. Maybe it’s about the raise you requested last month.

Has the accounting program been done yet? I needn't  remind you of its utmost priority. Deadline 4 p.m. Hourly status required. I’ll stop by to touch base.

 -  Grant

Yeah, yeah. Onto the next message. Senior management must’ve been behind this one, because it’s marked “Uncompromisingly Significant”.

It has been brought to our attention that the great majority of the system problems we have been experiencing in the last fiscal are caused by flaws in software development. To assist our strategic alignment with the industry trends, effective immediately, all software changes are subject of management approval. All new development, being of immense strategic importance within the framework of our client satisfaction values, will be flagged as “Critical”. Projects flagged “Critical” are subject of director’s approval, and following the new direction in our mandate will henceforward not be approved for implementation.



You pull out the specifications for the accounting program on your screen. Using the art tool you create a graceful arch on the cover page. Grant pops in just as you type un a word “Critical” in bright red letters.


“Um…I'll see you later. Need to talk to the manager” he says, and disappears.


Satisfied with morning’s accomplishments, you

The End

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