Message 3 - Mysterious

You sigh - yes you do, you know you do - and press '3' to listen to message marked 'Mysterious.'

After a moment or two of complete, dead silence, you hear:

(heavy breathing, heavy breathing, heavy breathing, heavy breathing, fit of coughing, a sneeze, heavy breathing, wheeze, cough cough cough, gag, puke)  HAHAHAHAH!!  HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!  AAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


"What the hell?"

You hang up, perplexed, confused, confounded, and a list of many other adjectives. 

"Maybe it's not wise for me to stay in my cubicle right at this very moment."

You scratch your head for a moment, then decide, for some odd reason, it may be wise to NOT stay in your cubicle for the moment.

"I just said that."

You stand up, and leave your cubicle, and you . . .

The End

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