Message 2 - Urgent

Hi, It's Lois in R&D... listen, I don't know how to say this, but... well... I guess I should just come out with it.

*long pause*

The creamer was left out of the fridge again. I spoke with everyone in payables and receivables, and Jerry that new kid in the tech department, and they all think that they saw you in the lunch room. I don't know if you know it but we all throw in for the creamer. Bonnie gets it at the 'Quickway' on the way in. A quart costs like $2.19 but that's not the point. The creamer is for everyone to enjoy. I don't know about you but I don't like using chunky creamer. If someone continues to leave it out like they did last Wednesday too then the creamer is going to go bad. I can't use the powdered stuff cause I'm allergic... so I pretty much have to use the creamer that belongs in the fridge.

I mean, I'm not even sure it was you so don't take this wrong, but I've asked Jerry that new kid in tech to run back the security cameras for earlier today and last Wednesday... cause you... I'm sorry... someone left the creamer out last Wednesday too. I think I shared that already... but... anyway... we're going to have a meeting about this on Tuesday. We're going to discuss this and the flavor of the creamer. So far it's ten votes for plain, ten for hazelnut, and one for Vanilla... Norma in payroll is the only vanilla vote... so we're going to decide that too.

Jerry... the new kid in the tech department and I are spearheading the hazelnut. I've had a chat with him and he might be willing to 'accidentally delete' the lunchroom security cam footage if 'someone' wanted to come on board with the hazelnut faction... just a tidbit of info.

By the way, I need you do go back though the financials for the last eight weeks and make sure no one expensed any creamer... see if you can get that for the meeting.


You look down at your phone in disbelief. Mostly because you just sat through all of that. You make a mental note to bring Jerry some hazelnut creamer so that he'll delete the footage if you ever decide to strangle Lois in R&D.

You look at your computer and after fidgeting with the wallpaper a bit decide to log onto the internet.

The End

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