Message 1 - Urgent

This is Anders Trevellian, from Legal. The cell's about to die. Only enough juice for this quick call-out. Your number is on my speed-dial. Can't say how it got here.

Six of us went to lunch at the Terminal which was fabulous, I must say!

Afterward, we decided to swing by the old B Works for a look-see before the whole sorry mess says Hullo to the wrecking ball next week.

And wouldn't you know it? The elevator on the river side still had power to it. We went up. Can't say why Seems really unwise now, to every one of us.

Nearly all the way up when the power cut out. The elevator did a not-so-smallish drop. Michaelson nicked the crystal on his Rolex. Something seems... uh, broken. The cage swings more now than it did.

We here... uh, in Legal — would appreciate your assistance either direct... KLIKK.

The End

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