Ah, Cubicle Life!

Ah, how wonderful to be back to work!  Sitting all day, up to twelve hours, in a beautiful, small, dark puke green color carpeted, 8x8 foot square box!  Your computer on the desk in front of you, the multi-line phone and headset next to it.

As you sit, you watch the screen saver -- which happens to be a multi-colored ball -- bouncing around.

You glance at the phone.  Then back to the computer.  You're trying to decide whether to check your voicemail messages, or your e-mail messages.

"It doesn't matter.  They'll all be time consuming, worthless messages."

How do you know?

"Because I've been working here for 12 years.  Trust me, Mr. Narrator.  Most of them will be from co-workers who accidentally left the wrong message to everyone in the wrong department, or the boss telling us to cancel a project from 2 weeks ago which we never started working on anyway, because there was no budget."

Oh.  Well . . . you could check anyway?

"Yeah."  You pick up the phone and dial in your voicemail and password.

Surprisingly, there are only three messages.  Two marked 'Urgent', one marked --- oddly enough -- 'Mysterious'.

"How the hell can one be marked 'Mysterious'?  We don't even have a 'Mysterious' option!"

I don't know, but you'd better choose to listen to one of them.

The End

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