Day Twenty Three.


Nathan Keismer picked up his Pepsi a bit too gingerly and the condensation around the paper cup caused it to slip right out of his grasp, dumping about 30 of the 32 ounces of soda into his lap.  He swore a bit too loudly.

“Nate?”  Kevin Madsen called from his cubicle, which faced a full length window that ran the length of the jungle.  Beyond the glass only the dense growth of the Amazon rainforest could be seen.  Why BioGraphy had chosen this spot, they still wouldn’t say.  They were alone in the lab.  Only the two of them would voluntarily stay late anyway. 

“I’m sorry!”  Nate called, “I dropped my soda…”

“No, I meant can you come here?”

“Uh not really,” he was wiping Pepsi from the seat, his Dockers, the floor, his desk, taking special care with the computer on the table top, since he didn’t want to find out later what it really cost.

“Uh, yeah really, like… I need you to come over here. Right now.”

“Okay!” Nate yelled back, muttering a few somethings about how no one could run this place without him.  He crossed and saw that Kevin had a small town centered on his largest computer screen.  In the center was a red Jeep, parked awkwardly in the middle of the road. 

“Where is this?” Nate snapped.

“It’s only in sector 47, but-“

“Thank God.  When did you see it?” Nate interrupted.

“When I called your name!”

Nate breathed a short sigh of relief as he picked up the phone to call Professor Jennings.  Sector 47 was still somewhere in the middle.  The smaller the number the closer the sector to the perimeter.  And they had been explicitly told to protect any survivors they may find from reaching the perimeter.

The End

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