Day Fifteen


“Don’t look at me like that!”  I chuckle, trying to remain serious for the sake of the scene.  Even though there’s no one here to see it, regrettably.  I shove the mannequin in a plastic blonde wig that stands in front of me.  She wobbles, mocking me.

“I have kids too!”  I shout, following with a mumble, “Maybe.”

Cleaver walks up to me carrying several barley bags on his sides that I previously strapped onto him. 

I want to be reimbursed for my overdraft fees! That’s all I want!  I release a phony sob through my dusty dollar store bandana. 

“Tell me about your student loans!!!  I know you have them!  Where are they?!” I pistol whip the mannequin to the floor.

Cleaver starts sniffing the baseboards along the walls and then underneath the numerous tellers’ desks.  I check my watch. I have about a minute until the detonation of the vault.  Just then Cleaver takes off down the hall.

“CLEAVER!”  I chase after him and the ticking grows louder.  When I lay eyes on him again, he is just staring at the gummy bundle against the steel door.  He looks from me to it, and back again.  At a frenetic sprint I check the time.  Less than forty seconds.  I grab his collar and yank towards the nearby exit, and thankfully he recognizes my urgency.  He disappears down an alley on the other side of the street.

Just a few seconds earlier than I’ve anticipated the explosives detonate.  Apparently, I’ve rigged too much.  The building instantaneously fractures from all angles, splitting like a wet paper towel.

My ears still ringing I peel myself off the cement and into a sitting position.  I feel a furry paw with rough nails step onto my fingers.  I turn towards Cleaver, whose jaws are bouncing up and down but I can’t hear the sound they are emitting.  But I can see the bank behind him still smoldering; a hole that closely resembles Mt. St. Helens rests in the middle of it.  And then the bills fall.  Cleaver and I are covered in a cascade of green leaflets that could document the entirety of United States presidents.  Although some of the bills are still smoldering and most are jagged, there are plenty left intact to make me smile.

The End

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