Day Five.. -Smac

We left in a few minutes.  I had to walk, pretty much run down the stairs.  Something had changed and I had to get out of there.  It was claustrophobic all of a sudden, strangely enough, for a building devoid of people.

  Even the dogs had dissipated.  The streets were completely bare and the calmess had changed to an eerie feeling.  This was all starting to have some kind of effect on me, and while I'm not an emotional type, the questions would not stop circulating.  Ruminating.

Cleaver stayed close to me as we walked towards the downtown area and the last place I wanted to go was home.  The streets were full of homes but none of them seemed like homes any longer.

I thought of death and as we walked into the Supermarket, that's what I smelled.  Produce was rotting and the reek of rancid meat made my knees weak.  Cleaver stepped backwards, encouraging me not to go in any further but I covered my nose with my shirt sleeve and grabbed a couple of bags of beef jerky and a bottle of soda from the display near the door.  I thought briefly about grabbing some money at the till but the stench was overbearing and what logic prevailed told me that, at least for the time being, there was no one around to give it to.

I left the supermarket, Cleaver bounding behind me, and my stomach churned.  For some strange reason, all I could think about was listenning to music.  It wasn't a priority that I thought would top my list during a time like this, but who had ever set a precedent?

So, I made my way to the pub with a steady, hurried pace pulling Cleaver alongside, who didn't seem to mind keeping up.

The End

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