Day One.1



I hear a bark in the distance.  All the lights are on behind the cappuccino-colored counter.  I want to venture in the back but my legs won’t take me.  I’m not afraid per se, but I’m also not ready to start wandering through the backroom just to look for coffee when I can make some at home.

Tossing my empty Gatorade in the garbage on my way out, I cross back to Radio Shack and grab my phone and charger.  The store is still vacant.

I begin to walk back towards my house and from behind the corner of the brick business park wall an oversized pit bull leaps in front of me.  Sharp barks punctuate the air around me.  The dog seems irritated but not rabid.  I just stand still, flinching with every short growl.  I never really understood dogs, in general.  Something about this sound in the empty air becomes unnerving after several moments.  I’m not the type of person to discipline other people’s dogs, so when the shaky words, “Shut up!” tumble out of my mouth I don’t know how to follow them.  Amazingly, the dog now stands rigid, staring at me. 

“Go home!”

I slowly make my way around the pit bull, who keeps his eyes on me the entire time but doesn’t move.  As I walk up towards home I notice that at 8:47AM I have yet to see a car.

I enter my home and my roommates are still missing in action.  I turn on the television, maybe there’s some kind of festival today.  Or there has been some kind of tragedy, God forbid.  But as I flip through the major network channels all that appears is static.  After a while I realize I’m hoping to see the Broadcasting Network Alert, but there isn’t one.  Not one.  Just static on every single channel.

Reaching behind the television I check to make sure the cables are all connected.  They are, and I try again with similar results. I go to turn on my computer but the power button does nothing.  My computer is always on the fritz though.

Maybe it’s time for a nap.  I got, what?  Maybe four hours of sleep?  Besides, the roommates will be home soon enough to fill me in and get ready for round two. If they weren’t drinking already.  A yawn is pulled out of me, stretching my eyes and throat.  Yes, a nap will be just the thing to clear my head.

The End

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