An unlikely alliance

"AH", I yelped, even in this seemingly dire situation my befuddled brain recognized the difference in my voice. When before my voice was smooth like silk, now it sounded like old satin. It seems absurd that I should waste precious time to acknowledge this, but alas I did. In my moment of reverie the horse, I so suddenly found myself on, must have sensed my lack of action and being a creature endowed with intelligence, took actions to preserve it's self. Rearing up, as would a wall of muscle, the horse struck down the lunging figure. In the confusion and suddenness of these events, my primordial instincts took the reins and prevented me from being bucked from the horses back. These details and others that have yet to come are all rememberd in hindsight, fore in the moment I only could think of how to stay alive.

The End

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