Lurking through the mystifying forest, Mindy tries to find something that she is partially missing.
Finding her way with her new companion, she finds other things which keep her from finding the truth. But will that lead her to her happiness or her misery?

I was walking through this strange and narrow pathway in the forest. I had no idea how I ended up here. All I could recall was my last days at the beach, strolling carelessly on the coast, thinking only of the light breeze that was soflty hitting my skin and going through my thin and strawberry blond-like hair, but with who? I don't remember. The image was a blur. 

When I decided to concentrate on the present, I realised that in reality I wasn't walking. My feet were in the air, swaying side to side. 

"OH!" The animal got startled by my sudden outburst. It stood with it's hind legs for a few seconds and then stamped it's hooves alternitavely three, four times.

What was I doing on top of a horse? I have no experience on horseback. I must be dreaming. There is nothing else that could explain this insanity.

Searching inside my jumbled brain for the best possibility of what has happened to me, the result was nothing but a goose egg. How is it logical to be in some place at one point and then find yourself in a world of complete atypicality the next? There must be a way to find out, although it may be difficult to achieve.

Firstly, I have no clue to where I am going - especially with my new surroundings, and secondly, there was no sight of inhabitants in any direction to ask someone for help.

This was just my luck.

Ever since childhood, my luck was as good as the lotto; one in infinity chance of winning. I was always the person in the infinity and never the person who won the prize of one million dollars. 

I let the horse lead the way, just in case it recognised any smell that passed us, helping as we went. I didn't know if that was a smart thing to do. What should I know? All I knew right now was that I was lost and nothing could help me in this difficult situation. I hope there aren't any creepy creatures out here.

Abruptly, it was as if the forest had heard my thoughts and made it reality.

I saw some bushes at a steps distance move. I could feel the horse getting unsettled by the sound and I started searching for a way to defend myself. When looking, I realised that my clothes were not of my taste. From my usual wardrobe, these were more classical. It was a nice, ivory, knee-high dress which at the same time looked quite classy. 

This is definately a dream, it can't be anything else. I am fooling myslef if I am lost, I thought to myself. But I must not waste much time. Something is in those bushes and I have to do something about it.

The figure emerged from the bushes and lunged itself towards me.


The End

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