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Her blonde hair in the wind, Louise was riding amongst musketeers and auxiliaries. After the success of the mission against the masked killers, the duellist had been officially introduced as a member of the auxiliary group to the musketeers. Finally, I'm in. The welcome amidst the auxiliaries had been warm. As an out-of-nowhere swordswoman recruited with a mission already done, she expected it to be rather cold. But it seemed that cleaning the honour of the musketeers was a good way to be welcome.

Now, her instructions were really simple. "Be useful, act as a good girl and keep your ear open. We'll tell you when you'll need to do something specific." And so she acted dutifully. Once a day she attended to the company barrack for a training session, and once a week, she participated to a patrol through the city, wearing the auxiliary uniform : jacket, pants, gloves and boots, all in light brown leather. And after a couple of weeks of that diet, she finally was able to participate in a mission.

Musketeers were to serve and protect the king, but in fact they also did the same for the queen. And sometimes, services to the queen might not be known to the king. Some friend of the queen, somewhere in Spain, was in need to send her some letter with gift, the kind who couldn't be trusted to a simple messenger. Some of his own guards were to deliver it near Paris, but they couldn't enter the city without being recognized. So, the musketeers would need to meet them at some distance to take custody of the gift and letter. But that would give opportunity to the Cardinal's guards to try and steal the letter. Louise was hoping for some action, as she would gladly run her rapier through some latexed bodies.

The meeting was arranged near a wood, and six musketeers, with ten auxiliaries, were chosen to meet the Spanish and to receive the box containing the letter and the gift. Louise was amongst the auxiliary, as well as André, a tall dark hair auxiliary she'd befriended during the practice session, and a little more than befriended outside the training.

Apart from François and his friends, Louise didn't know yet the two remaining musketeers. The tall dark haired man riding in front of her was named Charles de Petitpont. The way he talked and looked at Marie, who rode besides him, the guy was probably in love with her. Louise wasn't sure it worked the other way. The last musketeer was a middle size woman, with waist-long blond hair and curves that were hard to ignore : every man in the group had taken a look at her, and some women too in fact.

After two hours of riding, the company arrived at the meeting place just besides a grove. Two auxiliaries guarded the horses while the other swordspeoples dispatched to protect the place. After half an hour waiting, a group of riders closed to them. Six swordspeoples dressed in a red leather uniform, escorting a lady dressed in a white and red dress, her face hidden behind a red silk veil.

Silently, the Spanish guards halted and let the lady closed to Charles. Both spoke softly for a moment, then on a gesture of the veiled lady, one of the riders unloaded a small chest from his saddle and gave it to two auxiliaries. After a nod to Charles, the lady turned her horse round and rode away, surrounded again by the six guards.

"Quick and smooth", said André to Louise, "and in two hours we'll be finished with this and can do something more interesting."

Louise didn't have time to reply as she heard clash of swords and cry of alarm : some auxiliaries were attacked. Soon, the border of the grove was crowded with fighting peoples, musketeers and auxiliaries on one side, Cardinal's guards on the other. Louise unsheathed her rapier, eager to fight and kill some opponents.

Her first opponent was a tall man with large shoulder. She recognized him quickly, despite his shortened hair. When she arrived in Paris for her mission, her fencing skills were tested, by a fight against three guard, using buttoned blades. The tall guy was the first one and he wasn't a great opponent. At that time, Louise tried to not show too much of her skills. This time, it'll be easier for me and deadlier for you. The guy couldn't recognize her : to keep her identity secret, she wore a mask for the test. Just after dodging the slash of the guard to her head, Louise struck back and had the pleasure to feel her blade hit the guy in the throat. The guard's face showed as much pain as surprise as he probably didn't imagine losing so quickly. The auxiliary removed her blade and turned to find some more action, while the guy fell face to the ground, his arms limp besides his body. Not enough for a real appetizer.

A quick glance to her surrounding showed Louise that guards were outnumbered musketeers. André was fighting with two guards, mixed ones, and a third was on the ground besides them, a female guard who's met her end at the auxiliary's rapier. Louise decided to have her share and moved to face the remaining swordsgirl. André smiled as he saw her coming to his help.

"You can't wait to kill some, don't you ?"

"You know me ", she answered, "I love a good fight before doing something else with you."

The female guard was more of a challenge. Tall, for a woman, shoulder long dark hair, blue eyes, slim, she fought almost like she was dancing. And her look was really one of a killer, eager to run her opponent through heart. The kind of opponent Louise enjoyed. After a few attacks the swordsgirl knew she would win that fight, but that it'll require some good techniques to kill the guard.

On his side, André finally managed to hit his opponent, right through his belly. The guard cried of pain, as the blade came off of his back, dropping his rapier and putting both hands to the wound, as if it could save him. André removed his blade, smiling, and looked the guy falling to the ground, having his last breathes before dying. He saluted Louise with his rapier and took a look for another opponent. At this moment a female guard, a redhead girl, just hit an auxiliary named Hortense in the heart.That's a quick and swift kill. The swordswoman removed her blade and turned to face André, challenging him. The man engaged the fight, eager to feel his blade through another guard's body.

Louise dodged two attacks from her opponents before fighting back. The girl was really skilled, good aiming, nice speed and she knew how to counter Louise's thrusts. She even seemed to show some creativity in her attacks. Once her blade almost hit Louise's thigh. The swordswoman felt excitement rising in her. At this moment Louise heard André crying, half pleasure half pain. His opponent has managed to deflect his blade before lunging, her rapier piercing his leather jacket and running him through chest. André had put his free hand on the wound. The red-haired guard twisted her blade, dragging a cry out of the auxiliary, then removed it. That sounds like pleasure. The female guard sent him a kiss as he fell to the ground, then moved on to meet Elodie who was coming from another part of the wood, her blade red with the blood of some opponent.

Louise decided it was time to finish with her opponent and gave some help to anybody else. She let her opponent attack once more, a thrust towards her belly, then just after having parried it, she accelerated for a counter strike, knowing she can be faster than the swordsgirl. The guard tried to move her blade to deflect Louise's one and almost succeeded. But it wasn't enough to save her. Louise's rapier pierced her black latex catsuit just between breast and pierced her chest. Louise had aimed for her heart and the partial deflect had just centred her blade, which will be as fatal as a heart hit. The guard looked at her chest, looking surprising about what just happened. Louise closed to her, whispering into her ear.

"You fought really well and against a normal auxiliary you probably would have won, but it wasn't your lucky day."

She kissed the girl's neck, then twisted her blade and removed it. The guard tried to step away, her right hand still holding her sword, but life was leaving her and she eventually fell on her side. Louise saluted her with her blade, then took a look at the remaining swordfights.

Elodie was still crossing blades with the red-haired deadly guard, while Arnaud was facing two opponents. The other fighters were too far away in the woods for Louise to see them. She decided to deal with one of Arnaud's opponents. Before she can approach them another guard arrived, short man with long blonde hair and an earring, his blade dropping blood. He has the look of one who's just finished some opponent. His latex catsuit couldn't hide the excitement he felt.

Let's do it quickly. While the guard thrust at her, she dodged it while spinning on herself, changing her rapier to her left hand and lunged. The tip of the blade hit the man in the belly, piercing it enough to reach his liver. His cry of pain was perfect, the hit was deadly but it'll take some time for him to have his last breath, he would suffer a lot and won't be able to fight before his end. Louise removed her blade, didn't give a look at him while he was holding his belly with both hands, and she walked towards Arnaud and his opponents.

The female opponent of the musketeer decided to fight Louise. Medium-sized with shoulder-length blonde hair and great curves on her body, her brown-eyes look told Louise that she hadn't yet killed that many opponents in a duel. Perhaps even none, as surprising as it might be. Too bad for you , as you'll never have the chance to know how it feels to take the life of someone. The fencing of the guard was good, but it wouldn't be enough to save her against a real duellist. Louise let her perform a few attacks, stepping back a few, letting the guard hoped she had a chance. Then after a minute or so, she finally riposted, a quick thrust of her own, luring the swordswoman to a low guard while she in fact lunged to her heart. The attack was perfectly done, her blade pierced the latex of the guard's catsuit, ran through her heart and came off of her back, the rapier ended with its guard against the breast of the woman. There was a look of surprise and pain on her face, then sorrow as she understood what had happened and that she was dying. Louise touched lightly her cheek with her leather gloved hand.

"Shhhh my girl", she said gently.

She twisted her blade and removed it, giving the guard a quick death. No point into letting her suffer longer. She took a look around, just in time to see Arnaud finished his opponent, a male guard who was pinned on a tree. Then silence for a few seconds, as Arnaud removed his blade and turned to face Louise. Something was missing.

Then it struck at Louise. No more clash from Elodie duel against that red-hairedkiller. A quick glance showed her the musketeer's body was lying near a tree. Where might be that damn guard... Louise saw her too late. The swordswoman had sneaked her way behind Arnaud and was already lunging as Louise tried to warn him. She saw the tip of the blade coming off of the leather jacket of Arnaud, just at the height of his heart, and surprise on the musketeer's face, as he dropped his rapier and put a hand to his chest. He fell on his knee, then the guard removed her blade by pushing Arnaud forward with her booted foot. Louise took a closer look at her. Medium size with lovely curves, shoulder-length red hair, her lovely face was smiling.

"You little bitch, I'll make you pay for this."

"The name's Emilie", answered the guard, her green eyes looking proudly at Louise "I would have loved to fight him properly, but having both of you against me would probably had been a mistake, and I'm not the kind to do mistake."

Emilie took stance, ready to fight Louise.

"Now, if you don't mind, we've both killed four opponents, let's put an end to this and see who's the best."

Louise took stance too, eager to cross blades. Emilie attacked first, fast and skilfully. Louise managed to avoid being hit, but she did make a real work to do so. That opponent was a real duellist, skilled, merciless and looking excited by the thrill of kill or die. Louise struck back with one of her own special attack, the kind most opponents don't see twice. The guard succeeded to parry it at the last moment, Louise's rapier ending at just an inch of her catsuit. Both girls tried attacks again and again, the quickest possible, trying to overwhelm the opponent. Without success. Their blades ended entangled and the swordswomen were pressed against each other, black latex catsuit against light brown leather.

"I've to admit that you're an opponent worth the fight", said Emilie.

"And I think that besides your skills with rapier, I guess you also enjoy that duel another way", replied Louise. Emilie responded by kissing Louise. The young woman felt the guard's tongue probing for her own. She kissed her back while feeling Emilie's free hand rubbing her ass. The two duellists finally freed their blades and stepped back.

"Too bad I only end my duel in the deadly way", said Louise, "I would love to do something else with you."

"Same for me, just a shame but still be a pleasure to feel my blade through your breast."

The duel resumed. Louise almost hit Emilie once on her face, cutting a few hairs, then barely dodged the rapier's guard aiming for her belly. Louise tried everything she had, even her most well kept techniques and she had the feeling that Emilie was doing the same. They were like perfect match, always just in time to parry or to dodge the thrust or the lunge of the other. Louise felt pleasure rising in her. She could see that Emilie felt the same, the latex catsuit perfectly shaping some of her reaction. One way or another must end that duel and kill that sexy but deadly bitch. Slowly, she began to respond with less speed to Emilie's attack and to act as if she began to be exhausted. Not too much, so it wouldn't look suspicious, but just enough to be noticed by her opponent. And unconsciously, Emilie adapted her speed to Louise's one.

Just at the moment the blades get entangled again, Louise's foot hit something that unbalanced her lightly. And it was Emilie who's burst of speed allowed her to disarm her opponent. The guard had driven her near one of the bodies, so that her feet hit it at one moment or another. In the fever of duelling she'd lower her attention on the bodies' position. A mistake, the deadly kind. Emilie was pointing her rapier to Louise's chest, ready for the finishing. Perhaps a last trick... Taking a step back, she stumbled on the leg of one of the dead guards.

"Come on", said Emilie, pointing her blade to Louise, "get on your feet and die like a real duellist. It'll be quick, I own you that."

While standing up, Louise caught some dust with one hand and immediately threw it at Emilie. The guard raised her free hand to try and protect her of being blinded and it was all her opponent needed to jump on her, avoiding her blade. Both girls fell on the ground, rolling one onto the other, trying to force the other to leave grip on the rapier, their bodies pressed one against the other as two lovers having sex with energy and passion.

Finally, Louise lost her grip on the sword, but at the same time she felt Emilie's body leaving contact with her own, as if she disappeared. Catching her breath and trying to focus on the surrounding, the young woman saw that the struggle has lead the two swordsgirls on the border of the grove, at the edge of a small fall of a few meters. Louise had halted at the edge and Emilie had fallen three or four meters. While going back on her feet, Louise could see the guard do the same and looked at the surrounding. Finding no easy way to climb, Emilie finally saluted Louise with her blade and sheathed it, then ran to where the guards had probably hidden their horses.

"Hope to finish that duel one day", she whispered.

A moment later, Alexandra arrived with two auxiliaries. Emilie had probably noticed them closing and had decided to run away, as she wouldn't have time to climb and finish Louise before they arrived. The fight had been hard and expensive but the chest was still secured. The musketeers counted almost twenty guards' bodies, Emilie seemed to be the only one to succeed to escape. Six auxiliaries and two musketeers had died. Eight casualties, half due to Emilie. That guard is really impressive.

On their way back to Paris, the group met another band of musketeers, sent to help them after someone noticed that Cardinal's guards had left the city to follow them. They've crossed path with a female guard with red hair that tried to feel through a wood. The group's captain had detached three auxiliaries to catch that guard while the others continued. While passing along that forest, some auxiliaries, led by Louise, searched for the three ones dispatched and the guard. Only bodies were found. Emilie, as Louise as no doubt about the guard's identity, seemed to have fought and killed the three swordspeople, including one she wounded before finishing him. I really need to cross blades again with her.

The End

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