Junior Agent Classes BeginMature

"Alright, you've all been briefed on each other's abilities. Now, you're meeting the two newest editions: Haley and Luka Galahad. Appellations? Koruna and Soliloquy." Precedence gestured to them all with a sweep of his arm. "Now, I'm going to do official announcements."

"Gillespie, Everest. Matsumura, Cathedral. Green, Ekwe. Parks, Agloe. Mckee, Hyperion. Moreno, Scorpius. Rader, Kurtosis. Braswell, Turnkey. Wilkinson, Aviator. Photini, Jagannatha. Boyd, Boondocks. Fountain, Carob. Cohen, Kudzu. Jefferson, Matryoshka. Casey, Bast." Precedence stifled a laugh. "Oh, and look at this. Because of the mess I've partly-" Luka snickered, and the other man stared indignantly. "Hey! Only partly!" He glared. "Well, as I was saying, you people've been named the Cacophony. No surprise, too. With all the noise you make and stuff. You're lucky they didn't name you guys 'the Disaster'." 

The Cacophony glared at him. Coughing awkwardly, he said, "Yes, well. It is what it is. You're all due for Mission Classes, Basic Sector Knowledge, and Handler Assignment. Y'know, for when you're not doing group ops."

Again, all he got was a blank-eyed stare from all of the Junior Agents. Even Luka from H.R. and Haley from the P.D. were joining in, imitating with a slightly horrifying accuracy. They'd passed the Initiation Process for those sectors of C.A.R.D., and so they were technically classified to know everything that was currently going on. 

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"Hello, all. Today we will be covering An Introduction To The Insurance Division." The agent droned on at the front of the classroom, the Junior Agents completely bored. "Please turn to page 58 in your Summarizing C.A.R.D. textbooks."

"Oh my god." Junior Agent Green muttered. "I'm melting. My brain is being slowly tortured." She doodled in pen on the margins of the textbook pages as the senior agent teaching the class went on about civilian distribution among the lower levels to gain public trust. Although, the majority of the "public" we want to have on our side is really in the government. 

Boyd's head dipped briefly onto the desk, her eyes slipping closed for a moment, and Junior Agent Parks poker her between her shoulderblades. Her head snapped up.

"Come on, you've got to stay awake," He whispered, and she grumbled a little but opened her eyes, still a bit groggy. 

Junior Agent Gillespie was the next one to almost doze off, and this time it was Jefferson who shoved an elbow into his side. "Just think about the last horror movie you watched." He mumbled to the other young man. 

The End

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