The Wear-and-Tear is CompleteMature

"Fountain, Vicente," is the next one up to the metaphorical chopping block. The stranger acts like nothing happened to Junior Agent Wilkinson. Junior Agent Fountain still comes forward bravely, and stands there as the man says, "Observed changes: none yet confirmed." 

But even though nobody knows what his ability is, it seems to cripple him as it's taken away. His body drops to the floor and convulses, blood bubbling from his mouth and running past his jaw, the crimson liquid pooling around his face as he chokes on his own lifeblood, muscles seizing and writhing.

"Oh my god!" Junior Agent Boyd yells as his eyes, wide and panicked, flick around the room. "You're killing him!" She rushes forwards, hands shaking as they try to find a way to help him. Eventually, she just drops to her knees and pulls him up, his body convulsing in her arms as she heaves his torso off the ground and somehow pulls his knees underneath him, facing his head down as more blood runs out of his mouth.

Finally, it stops, and he slumps to the ground, a thin trickle of scarlet still sliding down his chin. His eyes are tired and worn out, and Junior Agent Boyd has to loop her arms under his, Junior Agent Wilkinson snapping out of her trance and hurrying forwards to grab his feet as they carry him over to a corner of the formerly-white room, all three of them covered in blood at this point. The rest of the room just stares in horror. 

"Braswell, Candace," The stranger just calls out again in a monotone voice, ignoring the smears and small puddles of crimson in front of him. The girl makes her way up to the spot in front of him, but she stands to the side so as to avoid the mess. "Observed changes: none yet confirmed." 

This time, she does not spill blood everywhere, but her face goes pale as she immediately looks weaker, bones shifting and eyes filming over before she seems to right herself, moving back robotically until she finds a way to adjust, and her face looses the pasty look. 

"Gillespie, Cesar," Was the next one called, and the broad-shouldered man went up with a somewhat stoic expression on his face. "Observed changes: ability to control and create fire - sparks and flame." As the green light quickly ran him over, Junior Agent Gillespie flinched violently and returned to his place at the wall, resisting the urge to snap his fingers. 

"Jefferson, Shane." The strange man's voice had no inflections, none at all, and nearly everyone in the room was unnerved by him. "Observed changes: can make and manipulate insubstantial illusions." The man's entire body shuddered as his ability was removed, and he shuffled back to the walls with a despondent look on his face. 

"Mckee, Desmond." He comes forwards, looking the most normal out of all of them. "Observed changes:" the stranger stops for a moment, and then continues, "unknown." When the green light goes over Junior Agent Mckee, he doesn't even react, and the other people around him just stare incredulously. 

"Photini, Svetlana." Came the name of the next poor Junior Agent. She steps up to the bloodsoaked spot, not even flinching as he begins speaking. Her cheekbones are high and her jawline is sharp and her bearing is proud. "Observed changes: can create a protective boundary and shelters, as well as moving large objects." Her throat nearly squeezes out a sob, but she remains stoic, even as her body is wracked with seizing muscles. Her skin glows for a moment before subsiding, and when she makes her way back to her place at the wall, her eyes look a little more empty. 

"Casey, Quentin." The man still retains his bored demeanour, even throughout stripping them all of their gifts. "Observed changes: ability to change the density of objects and shape them." Junior Agent Casey's face is a little heartbreaking after his power's been removed, pain accompanying it. 

"Cohen, Carlos." The brown-skinned Junior Agent who comes forwards looks like he's the nicest of the bunch. That doesn't save him from what lies ahead. "Observed changes: can climb any surface, appears to be able to generate an adhesive." The young man shakes and his eyes go blank and wide as his knees buckle and he seems to be dragged to the ground, like gravity has latched its talons into him.

His nails rake the floor with an unhinged desperation as his mouth forms words that don't ever come out, but he goes limp when Junior Agents Braswell and Fountain hurry to him and drag him back and out of the direct eyesight of the stranger. 

"Rader, Daryl." The man continues. "Observed changes: can manipulate "pocket space" - can be used to hold and remove objects, but is the only one who can retrieve them." When the green light finishes its scanning, Junior Agent Rader is in agony. He is silent, but his eyes scream for help as his skin floats off its frame of bonework, ripping into pieces before finally settling down again, looking perfect and unmarred, leaving no sign of what had transpired. 

Most of the Junior Agents have lost their haunted looks by now, and pure hatred radiates off them in waves. 

The strange man looks a little nervous now, the most emotion anyone's seen from him the entire time. Slowly, the ranks of the stripped-down begin to converge. 

And then, Precedence bursts in. "No!" He shouts, panting. "No, am I too late?" His eyes are wild and panicked. 

Penny turns to him. "If what you mean by 'too late'," she snarls, "is that you took away the abilities we recently gained without giving us any time to adjust, you took away something that, after an hour, felt like it had been the missing part of us forever?"

Nathan pushes in, "Then yes, you are too late. You're too late by fifteen Junior Agents, newly tramautized."

Precedence's expression twists into despair. 

The End

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