Some Bodies Did Not Adapt WellMature

Precedence turns and smirks at Mortician. "Why not? None of them seem to have died yet." 

Before Mortician can reply, there's a groan, and one of the women staggers forwards, her head down. She takes another stumbling step, and slowly raises her head. 

Half the room gasps. Her face is pure agony. There's a short pause, and then she crumples, pained, strangled screams ripping out of her throat as she writhes on the floor, seizures wracking her muscled body as her head made contact with the tile in a series of sickening cracks. 

Nathan rushes forwards, dropping to his knees and struggling to pull his sweater off, shoving it under her head and shaking a little. His tattoos are agitated, swaying sluggishly on his arms in a subtly anxious way. 

And then her leg does-

It does something. There's cracking and something shattering within her knee and her skin is rippling, changing. Her leg is no longer a leg.

It's a black metal spike.

The sides are smooth, and of no material identifiable to the human race. A few scientists seemed to have slipped in while the rest of the occupants were transfixed in horror as the woman's leg transformed, and one of them advanced hungrily, eyes greedy for this new development. The Junior Agents could practically read his thoughts on his face: if I figure this out, I'll be famous! The man who discovered a new element!

But as soon as his hand touched the spike (Nathan was still frozen in shock from the utter pain radiating off of the woman), the scientist screamed. It had sent a nearly-lethal pulse of something alien up his arm, and he was scrambling back, skin glimmering with sweat, the Junior Agents in the room parting numbly for the man. 

The woman (Eileen Matsumura, Penny's mind supplied) braced her hands on the ground and shakily pushed herself up. The black metal seemed to have a joint in it where her knee should be, and it bent accordingly when she tried. Nathan, snapping out of his daze, cupped a hand under her elbow and tried to help her, but she shook him off and straightened her spine. After a brief hesitation, she moved the newly-transformed leg a little so that she could stand straight. 

It didn't scrape on the floor like everyone was expecting. Instead, it moved fluidly along the tile without being slippery, and Matsumura looked straight ahead and brought herself to attention, and then relaxed when she realized that she was, for the most part, perfectly okay.

At that point, people started looking around. 

A few people's new... additions hadn't fully developed yet, but most people had been changed. A third eye, strange tattoos, one man who was seemingly flicking sparks out of his fingers with a delighted expression, somebody possessively hugging a cat that hadn't been there 5 minutes previously, and one person hovering a little off the ground, among other things. 

But then somebody tripped backwards over... well, seemingly nothing. 

And then a woman reached a hand out. "Oh, god," She said quietly to herself, and used trembling hands and quivering legs to move herself a little farther away.

"What?" Precedence asked, worried. He crossed the room the the spot everyone was avoiding and touched it. His hand, unexpectedly, stopped about five inches from the ground. His face turned white, and he shrugged his jacket off, throwing it over the spot.

It fell atop the shape of a human being. 

"Their gift must have been invisibility," He mused. "And her body rejected the change."

They stood in silence for a few moments then, each occupied with thoughts that plagued them like the new additions to their body.

The End

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