A call to arms October's briefingMature

October was waiting for Gabriel and Lydia when they came out of the forest area on the ship. "I trust everything went as you predicted?". Lydia smiled "better, he is incredible"

"Hey you two, I'm still here you know" Lydia smiled she linked arms with him "if it were up to me Gabriel I would never let you go". When they arrived at Octobers office Lydia kissed Gabriel on the cheek and winked at him "see you soon". She went back to towards the forest area. Gabriel watched until he could no longer see her.

"I told you she was special"

"You were right" October looked at him his head slightly tilted

"Come in to my office Gabriel, there is much work to be done". Gabriel sat down in front of the desk. "Gabriel you must put together a team, to help you" October slid a file across the desk. Gabriel took it and opened it "there are some notes in here to help you" October's expression changed "the path you have to take may be a dangerous one, be careful who you choose to help you" he stood up and walked to the door "I will be in touch soon, thank you for your cooperation" he stood by the door waiting. It took a moment for Gabriel to realise it was time for him to leave. He got up out of his chair slowly and walked to the door.

"Goodbye Gabriel, until we meet again" October shut the door to his office and went back to his desk. Gabriel turned towards the office, there was only one person working now. Gabriel walked slowly across the office. The worker looked up at him and then across to the lift doors. With trepidation Gabriel pushed the button. "Gabriel, you may need this" Gabriel turned round, October was stood behind him holding a small device, he gave it to Gabriel. "What is it?"

"A teleporter" Gabriel looked at the device "how does it work?"

"Just tell it where you want to go, a few more visit to Lydia and you won't need this device Gabriel. You've already done it yourself but that was an accident"

"The office"

"Yes" he paused "the longer you spend time with Lydia the more you will be able to control your abilities but until then the device will help you". Gabriel looked down at the small device in his hand "thank you"

"You must return now, Sarah will be looking for you"

"Sarah" he had almost forgotten about her "is she still looking for me"

"Yes she is, she is most distressed" Gabriel turned to the lift and pressed the button. He turned to talk to October again but he was no longer there. The lift pinged and the doors slid open. He got into the lift and the doors slid shut.

The End

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