Gabriel just stood there at first looking at her. She was beautiful, her long strait hair draped over her shoulders. Amid the foliage she looked like a vision from heaven. Her eyes cut through him warming him and making him feel safe and protected. He walked a little closer, she raised her hands as did Gabriel. As their hands touched Gabriel felt warmth then a flash in his head. Gabriel dropped to his knees even though this was happening he felt calm inside then she touched his head, again a flash.

"Don't worry Gabriel, this will help you" he didn't feel worried he was calm. She stepped back and Gabriel stood up. Then she opened her arms, Gabriel followed and they hugged. Gabriel felt like he had known her forever like greeting a loved one from a long arduous journey.

"I've been waiting to meet you for such a long time Gabriel you're a very special person"

"I have a friend who would love you".

"Don't tell me you would let Peter loose on me?"

"How do you know about Peter"

"I know all about you Gabriel and you know all about me. We have met before on many occasions it just hasn't happened for you yet" Gabriel had enough knowledge of science fiction to understand the statement

"So you can travel through time"

"Not quite time but something like that I can see the future, well possible futures and the past of which there are many". She smiled at Gabriel he smiled back it was infectious. "Come here let me show you something you can do when we are together" Lydia picked up a small plant pot and handed it to Gabriel.

"What do you want me to do with it" Lydia smiled again

"Make it grow"

"How?" she cupped her hands around his and whispered in his ear "think it"

Gabriel thought about the plant growing, she whispered again "think about what it needs" suddenly out of the soil a stem started to grow. It grew bigger and then a flower slowly opened up.

"How did you do that" Lydia looked at him "I didn't, you did" she paused "I can't do that, yes I can grow plants" she opened her arms to show the plants and trees all around.

"So you grew all these?"

"Yes everyone" Gabriel walked over to an old oak tree it was at least five feet wide. "And this one" he touch the oak tree.

"Yes, everyone" Gabriel became confused she looked the same age as him.


"Don't you dare ask that next question, I thought you were a gentleman" she smiled "let's walk I'm sure you have many questions so let's stick to the ones that won't offend me".

They walked through the forest in space. "Why is this happening Lydia?"

"Gabriel a war has been raging for many years, many thousands of years. The factions have become so hell bent on destroying each other any civilisations that get in the way are seen as collateral damage" she looked sad, the sweetness in her eyes had faded. "Many years ago my world was destroyed in the war, it was so beautiful" Gabriel took her hand, she looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I was very young, my people the ones lucky enough to escape were scattered amongst the cosmos" she looked at Gabriel "I was sent here to you"

"Why me?"

"There are some entities that have special significance in the universe, you're one of them, as am I". She paused "Gabriel do it again"

"Do what?" She began to smile again "make something grow, give something life" Gabriel looked down at the soil. He bent down on his knees and placed his hand on the wet ground. He closed his eyes "come; help me" Lydia bent down next to him she gently put her arm around his shoulder. Grass started to grow through his fingers. When he removed his hand the small area was had thick lush grass growing there. He stood up, Lydia threw her arms around him "I love you Gabriel, your incredible" Gabriel smiled, they continued walking. Lydia now had a skip in her step.

"So are they here for our resources?" This seemed the most likely scenario to Gabriel.

"No they just want to use your planet as a strategic outpost, nothing more"

"So they would destroy our planet and kill everyone on it, to use it as an outpost" Gabriel was struggling to comprehend how anything could think in those terms. "Gabriel your people do it to themselves it's just on a smaller scale" she paused she realised how hard this must be for him. "Don't worry Gabriel we can stop them"

"How?" She took his hand. "You will need to speak to October about that, I will help you when I can" she smiled "our bond is symbiotic, that's how I was able to talk to you that night through time"

"So you'll have my back so to speak"

"I suppose I will" she skipped a few more steps. "Gabriel do it again before you go" Gabriel looked at her she was so excited he couldn't help but want to please her. He dropped to his knees and placed his hands on the soil.

The End

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