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Gabriel sat in his apartment, he waited for about an hour. Nothing happened, he checked his phone repeatedly. There were no messages or emails. He poured himself a coffee. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind, that was it he knew where to go. The 'Chrysler Building' 12.00pm. He checked the time 10.45. "OK" he thought he grabbed his phone and called Sarah.

"Hey I know where to meet him"


"The Chrysler Building at 12.00 in the main lobby" his voice was excited and agitated.

"Did he contact you?"

"No I just knew all of a sudden"

"OK I'll get there early and set up a camera"

Gabriel paused "are you sure?"

"Your not going in there on your own, we don't know anything about this guy yet. Besides it's a busy building I'll be inconspicuous, I'll blend in to the crowd"

"OK stay safe, if anything goes wrong get the hell out of there and quick"

Sarah was silent

"I mean it Sarah, get out and call the cops OK!"

Reluctantly Sarah replied "OK but you just make sure nothing goes wrong OK!"


Gabriel arrived at the impressive Art Deco styled Chrysler building, the silver eagles gleamed in the midday sunshine as if watching over the inhabitants as they went about the busy existences. Inside Gabriel noticed the mural ceilings and stylish wood panelled elevators. The lobby was busy he scanned around to see Sarah but he could not see her "well she has got me fooled" he thought. He walked around catching the eye of many of the people there but he could not see who he was looking for. He began to doubt his thoughts. Maybe he wasn't supposed to meet him here perhaps he had, had a random thought about the Chrysler Building. Just a that point a voice came behind him "hello Gabriel thank you for meeting me" Gabriel turned on his heels and there was the man he had meet at the competition. "Are you October?"


"What do you want from me"

October tilted his head he seemed to be oblivious to the people and noise in the busy lobby. "She's a good soul"

"Who's a good soul, what are you talking about?" October slowly looked across the lobby to a higher balcony "Sarah, she's up there trying to get a photo of me" he paused "she will not be successful"

"Hey!" He grabbed October firmly "if you hurt her I'll"

"Relax Gabriel she will come to no harm, I wouldn't want to hurt such a good soul" Gabriel relaxed his grip "thank you Gabriel, you have nothing to fear from me" October slowly turned back to Gabriel "we have to go now". October put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder and they were gone.

Sarah had, had October in the view finder she had already taken several shots of the man as he spoke to Gabriel. Now she could not see them any more she scanned around the area but could not see them anywhere. She began to panic. She ran down the stairs and in to the lobby. She was getting frantic pushing and shoving anyone in her way "Gabriel!" She pushed pass a few more people "Gabriel!" She was screaming his name now "Gabriel!"

"Madam can I help?" Sarah turned to see two security officers "yes, yes my friend he was just here"

"Just where miss"

Sarah frantically looked around "here just here a moment ago"

"Ok miss calm down" the security guards looked at each other one of them shrugged his shoulders "what does your friend look like"

"He's tall, handsome, look he was just here and then he just disappeared"


"Wait I have a picture" Sarah looked down at the screen on the back of the camera. She checked the last picture then the one before and the one before. There was no sign of either Gabriel or October. She knew for sure that she had taken the photos "there not here" she said this with a certain amount of indignation.

"Look miss we are going to have to ask you to leave"

"OK I'm going"

The security guards escorted Sarah to the main entrance and she left.

Gabriel adjusted his eyes it was bright, very bright. As his vision focused he and October were outside an old office building. It looked derelict, Gabriel looked round trying to get his bearings he could see the city many miles away in the distance. "Where are we?"

"We are here, this is the Q agency"

"I like what you've done with the place" October made no comment back. He walked up to the door and opened it. "Please follow me".

The inside of the building was dusty and it looked like it hadn't been used for years. October made his way to the elevator, Gabriel followed "is this safe?"

"Quite safe Gabriel, please follow me" the doors to the elevator closed. Gabriel could feel the lift going down, it didn't feel like an old lift. It was very smooth with no noise. When the door opened, Gabriel was surprised, he walked out of the lift in to a very modern looking office type space. Several of the occupants stopped and looked up at Gabriel. Some even seemed to be talking about him. Gabriel followed October to a small office "please take a seat" Gabriel sat down in front of the desk, October sat opposite him and started tapping on the the computer keypad.

"Where's Sarah?"

"Don't worry about Sarah she's still in the Chrysler building looking for you"

"She'll be worried"

"Yes she will, her bond with you is strong"

"Can I call her?"

"Not from here no, sorry; cell phones don't work up here"

Gabriel frowned "what do you mean up here, we came down in the lift?"

"Yes it did appear that way, why don't you look out of the window"

Gabriel began to feel nervous, he jumped up out of his chair but did not go over to the window. He opened the office door the office workers did not seem to even look at him this time not one. He closed the door and walked over to the window. What he saw made him judge his own sanity for a moment. He was in space "how, what?"

"Stay calm Gabriel, the universe is a lot more complex than humans understand" Gabriel staggered back to the chair and sat down

"You need to keep your strength up Gabriel you have a lot more to take in today" October paused "you will be meeting someone very special today, she has been waiting to meet you for a very long time"


"Yes Gabriel, Lydia" Gabriel leaned forward "who is she?"

"You will know soon enough, but what I can say is this, what you two can do together is very special" Gabriel leaned back in his chair.

"Why do you talk in riddles?" October looked at Gabriel "I have to be very careful what I say, I must be most careful not to disrupt the time line"

"What are you then a time traveller" October tilted his head again as if thinking about his response "of sorts yes, but also no".

"Helpful as usual" Gabriel thought.

"I'm sorry I can not be more helpful than that" Gabriel knew by his response that he could read his thoughts.

"Yes I can" October tapped on the keyboard a last few strokes "it is time, two weeks and three hours"

"Wait that's what she said"

"Yes she said it two weeks and three hours ago"

"How did she do that" October paused "I'm not sure, she is very gifted maybe the most gifted of all of you, she has a special bond with you. She always has"

October stood up and made his way to the door "follow me Gabriel". They walked back through the office to a much larger area. Two ginormous doors were in front of them, October put his hand on a pad at the side and the doors started to open. "Please go through" October did not move.

"You coming?"

"No Gabriel this you must do on your own" through the doors Gabriel could see plant life it looked like a jungle. There was pathway through the foliage and he started to walk along it. It was big, very big there were trees growing in here. He looked up the roof it was so far away he could barely see it. He walked for maybe five minuets. Then suddenly he stopped. She was there just stood there smiling at him. It was Lydia.


The End

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