The call to OctoberMature

The phone rang only twice then it was answered.

"Hello Gabriel, thank you for calling me". Gabriel pulled the phone away sharply to look at the screen. The screen read 'call failed'.

"Hello Gabriel, do not be alarmed" the voice was male but soft and he spoke slowly and with purpose.

"Who is this?"

"My name is October. It is important that you listen to me"

Gabriel was confused, he glanced at the screen again it still read 'call failed'

"What do you want?"

There was a pause and then October replied "you already know what you need to do. It's all in the briefcase"

"What briefcase?, what has been happening to me?"

"All will come to fruition when it should" he paused "please hurry she is waiting for you"


The line went dead an automated voice from the carrier spoke "sorry call failed this number is not recognised"

"Wait I was just speaking to someone"

Tones played "sorry call failed this number is not recognised" Gabriel threw the phone on the settee in anger, he was confused and felt disorientated. That's when he noticed the briefcase, it made him shout out loud "woow!"

The briefcase was by his door. It hadn't been there when he came in, he would have seen it or maybe even tripped over it. He didn't go to the case immediately he just stared at it for quite some time. He walked across the room while keeping one eye on the case. He poured himself a drink and slugged it back in one. Eventually he got up enough courage, maybe the drink helped. He walked over to the case picked it up and placed it on the table. It was red, red leather but it didn't have clasps on the front, in fact there didn't seem to be any kind of clips or buttons anywhere on it. At the front in the middle there was a letter Q embossed in the leather. He checked all the way round it but could not see any way to open it, it didn't even have a seal. He stood up and walked to the window he looked out across the city, in the distance he could hear a siren.  He looked back at the case, the thought crossed his mind "I need to open that case" almost before he had finished the thought; the case opened. He scrambled across the room scared the case would close again but it didn't.

Slowly he opened the case fully. He had no idea what he would find. Inside were two paper files, he reached in and took out the first file. The cover of the file was plain it had the letter Q written in the right hand top corner and in the middle in large font the word Gabriel.

He opened the file and started reading, he read it cover to cover. It took him about an hour. When he was finished he took the second file out. This was the same except in the middle it simply said Lydia.

"Lydia" he thought. He opened the file but it was empty. His phone rang he grabbed it and answered it.

"Hello again Gabriel I'm sure you are by now aware how important you are to the Q Agency" Gabriel frowned "I would like us to meet tomorrow"


"You will know where to go when the time is right"

"What" the line went dead.

Gabriel went to bed he had, had quite a night all in all.

The following morning Gabriel awoke to find the briefcase and the files were gone. He called Sarah "hey can you come round"

"Of course how are you my hero?"

"I'm on the slippery slope to madness I think"

"Oh I didn't know it was an official call to the helpline, I'll be right over"

By the time Sarah arrived Gabriel had made coffee and was waiting for her by the door. Sarah could see he was not his usual self.

"What's happening Gabe, are you OK?"

Gabriel explained about the call the night before. He told her about the file and explained that the file was full of information which started with the ships a year ago. "This guy October, is part of the Q agency and that he was an alien" he stopped at this point and waited for her reaction. She didn't even flinch. The file said that the earth had been infiltrated by different aliens who want to exploit our world. "It all seems a little far fetched to me, what do you think Sarah?" Sarah looked at him without judgement.

"And what about these powers you have"

"The file said that certain individuals had been selected by the aliens on the ships to fight the alien invaders"

"Why were you chosen?"

"I don't know, but it does answer some of my questions though"

"OK what next, what did he tell you to do"

"He said he needed to meet me today"


Gabriel paused to think "I don't know he said I would know when the time came. He talks in riddles"

"OK, well when you know tell me, I'll go on ahead and see if I can spot what he's up to"

"There was something else"

"What was it?"

"There were two files in the case, the other one just said Lydia"

Gabriel could see that Sarah's demeanor changed, she was jealous. "What did it say about her?"

"Nothing it was empty" Sarah sighed; a sigh of relief more than anything else. Even though they were not a couple, she was the woman in Gabriel's life and she wanted it to stay that way.

"You should call Peter"

"Yes I will, can you look after the office for me today please" Sarah often did look after the office and the whole business for that matter. "Of course I will, what are you going to do"

"Go and find October I suppose"


Gabriel pondered the question, he wasn't used to not being in complete control of his life. "I'm not sure, but he said I'd know when the time was right".

"Call me when you know where, I'll bring a camera and we'll try to capture a picture of him. Maybe Peter will be able to use the recognition software at Metaphysics INC to identify him. I can't imagine he's actually called October, we could do with knowing who we're dealing with"

Gabriel felt reassured knowing that Sarah had firstly taken him seriously but also that she had his back.

Sarah started to leave his apartment.

"Sarah" she stopped walking and turned back to Gabriel. "Thanks, I don't know"

"Yeah I know, anyway you saved me last night so I suppose I owe you one. I'd do it anyway" she walked a few steps more "call me when you know OK"

"I promise". Sarah left.

The End

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