One week later (Sarah's hero)Mature

Gabriel sat at the quiet end of the bar. The bar was quiet even at the busier end. Piped Muzak played quietly in the background. He ordered a drink and sat there sipping it. Sarah arrived in the bar and walked slowly over to Gabriel. She wore a short red dress, her hair was loose. She smiled at Gabriel as she approached. "Wow you look stunning"

"Thank you, your not half bad yourself"

"Can I get you a drink"

"Yes please, what a day"

"I couldn't have done it without you, you know that don't you"

Sarah jumped up on to the bar stool "well your brilliant with or without me, but your more brilliant with me"

Gabriel smiled at her. 

"Have you had any more thoughts on what has been happening to you?"

"No not really"

"Well you haven't called the freaky deaky helpline, so I guess things are calming down then"

"Yeah I hope so"

They got another round of drinks and Gabriel left to use the bathroom.

When he returned, a large unshaven drunk man was lurching over Sarah trying to buy her a drink. Gabriel walked over and spoke to the man. "Hey fella the ladies with me"

"Shall we let the lady speak for herself" Gabriel could tell there was anger in the man voice.

"Can I get you a drink little lady?"

"No thanks I'm with him" she pointed to Gabriel

"You little bitch! What's he got that I haven't?"

She pondered the question for only a moment "well, two things actually, manners for one and he doesn't have bad breath"

"Why you little bitch!" The man raised his arm to strike Sarah. Gabriel jumped forward to stop the man. The man flew over the bar and in to the glasses and bottles on the other side. Glass, bottles and booze flew all over the place. The man disappeared behind the bar in a clump on the floor. The bar tender ran over "Hey you, Come back!" by now Gabriel and Sarah were on their way out of the bar "Sorry!" Gabriel shouted and with his arm firmly clasped around Sarah's shoulder they left.

They actually ran for about two blocks then they stopped. They looked at each other and then they both started to laugh. It was a nervous laugh.

"Gabe what the hell just happened"

"I guess it's time to call the helpline"

Sarah looked confused "how did you do that?"

"I don't know I just do it sometimes"

"Well don't think I didn't notice that you saved me"

Gabriel smiled "you say that you don't know what you'd would do if"

Sarah finished the sentence for him "anything happened to you"

"Well the same here, I couldn't do any of this without you"

Sarah smiled and hugged him, this time it was Gabriel who held on for a little too long.

As they walked home together it started to rain. Gabriel took off his coat and put it round Sarah's shoulders.

Gabriel opened the front door to his apartment. He walked strait to the drawer and got out the card. He picked up his phone and dialled the number. 898 47219 he listened, he knew that both Peter and Sarah had tried the number be he never had. He didn't expect it to work but it did. The phone was ringing.

The End

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