November 22nd 2017Mature

Gabriel woke the next morning feeling very refreshed. He jumped out of bed had a shower and then headed into the kitchen to put some coffee on. He then went down the hall and knocked on the door. Sarah opened it "hey"

"Hey, you fancy a coffee"

"Yeah give me five I'll be round"

They sat at the bar in Gabriel's kitchen sipping the hot coffee.

Sarah looked at him "what's on your mind Gabe?"

"Can you read me just like a book or do I give any resistance at all"

Sarah smirked "Book, no resistance so what's up?"

"Something's happening to me Sarah"

"What! What's happening to you"

"Strange things that I can't explain"

Sarah could see he was struggling to put it in to words "OK take a deep breath, what ever it is we'll face it together. Are you ill?"

"No I don't think so, I could be going mad" Sarah looked relived.

"Why do you think your going mad?"

Gabriel explained what had happened the night before, the voice, the flying guy and the vision. "I know I can't have been there but it felt so real, I just can't explain it"

"Have you spoke to Peter?"

"No not yet, not about this"

"So you have spoke to him about other things?"

"Yeah kind of, Peter has quite a soft spot for you, you know"

"Yeah I know, but Peter has a soft spot for anyone, especially if they wear a dress. Besides you know he's not my type. Gabriel I'm worried can't you see a specialist?"

"Not yet I can handle it, I've got someone to call"


Gabriel waited and then simply smiled "don't worry"

"I am worried"

"Hey do me a favour, look up an organisation for me will you"

"Sure who is it?"

Gabriel walked over to a drawer and removed a small card "they are called Q, that's all I know. Peter looked them up but he will only have used official channels. I want you to dig a little deeper"

Sarah took the card and looked at it "OK but if anything else happens you promise you'll call yeah"

Gabriel smiled "yeah your my own personal freaky deaky hotline"

Sarah laughed but inside she was frightened. She had never seen Gabriel this rattled, even in some of the big business meeting they had been in together. She held his hand then she hugged him. She held on to him a little bit longer than she should have, Gabriel knew what that meant but he let her hold on anyway.

A week later Sarah came in to Gabriel's office with a single sheet of information "about the Q Agency, I found out a small amount of information. It was mainly on quack UFO sites. There's talk of a secret agency that doesn't seem to belong to any government department. I think they are maybe something to do with aliens?"

"OK, did you find out how to contact them?"

"No I tried the number it's not listed and they're not in the phone directory surprisingly"

"OK thanks Sarah you're a star"

Sarah squinted her eyes "I know"

When Gabriel returned home he got out the small business card put it on the table and stared at it. "Who the hell are these guys" he thought.

898 47219 "what was the number?" He put the card away and went to bed.

The End

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