Peter's secretMature

"Peter it's me"

"Hey buddy how's it going?, have you seen the news?"

"Yeah I saw it, that's what I'm calling about"

"What do you need?"

"The beam, it did something to me"

"What kind of something?"

"A seizure of some kind and I passed out"

"My God Gabe are you OK?"

"Yeah, yeah luckily Sarah came to my rescue"

"Now that's a nice thought, look, come in to see me"

"OK I'll make my way over now"

Gabriel arrived at the large head quarters of Metaphysics INC. The impressive glass fronted skyscraper towered above all the other high raised buildings, it showed their dominance as a corporation. People in suits and some in lab coats filled the auditorium, as Gabriel walked over to the desk.

"Hi I'm here to see Peter Ronstad"

"What name is it sir"

"Gabriel Green, he's expecting me"

the receptionist politely acknowledged him and picked up the phone. He waited long enough to realise he was the only one in the building wearing jeans. That made him smile.

"Gabriel!" Gabriel turned to see Peter crossing the busy auditorium.

"Hey buddy, good to see you, let's get you upstairs to the lab and have a look at you"

They talked as they walked up the stairs to the lab

"Thanks Peter I really appreciate it"

"No problem buddy, hey I've been thinking about how you could pay me back"

"OK, anything what do you need?"

"We'll since you're not interested in the delectable Sarah, maybe you could put a word in for me"

Gabriel smiled "anything but that, hey I'll get you a t-shirt that Sarah worn" they both laughed as they arrived at Peter's lab.

The lab was brightly lit, nothing was out of place. Peter's desk was surrounded with monitors showing various graphs and schematics.

"Jump up on the chair I'll get you hooked up" Peter placed a headset on Gabriel and adjusted the fit then he attached some electrodes to his hands and chest. Then he went over to a monitor.

"Man what do you think those ships were" Peter looked up at Gabriel "we're not sure yet, we're working on it though". Peter continued working at the monitor. "How do you feel now, any sickness, dizziness?"

"No I'm good, normal I think"

"You say you had a nose bleed when it happened and then you collapsed"


"How long were you out for"

"I'm not sure but when I woke up the ship was gone"

"And you woke up to find the angel Sarah on top of you"

They both smiled

"We'll not quite on top of me, sorry to spoil the fantasy"

They both smiled again. "What does it all mean Peter?"

"Did no one know they were coming?" Peter paused, he walked over to Gabriel and started to remove the wiring. "Some of us did know they were coming"


"Look Gabe this is highly classified. We started receiving signals about two weeks ago"


"Some guys from the CIA and NASA turned up to ask us to try to decrypt the message, but we couldn't, well not yet anyway"

"So could we not have been warned"

"Gabe that's not my bag I'm a scientist, we didn't even know what the message meant, I'm sure it would have caused mass panic" Peter paused "the government are a secretive bunch, they have labs here that we're not allowed in"

"And I thought your clearance was sweeping"

"it is; but it doesn't extend there". Peter checked the last lot of read outs. "Well you seem fine, I would like to do some further tests especially if you have any other symptoms, but for now your good to go"

"Thanks Peter, your a good friend"

"Idiot I'm your only friend"

Gabriel made his way along the concourse to the stairs and down to the auditorium, then he left.


The End

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