One year earlier...Mature

October 23rd 2016, Gabriel awoke at 6am, he had an important distribution meeting at 2pm. He showered and put on a fresh pot of coffee. The smell flavoured the whole kitchen area. Sunlight streamed through the skyline. Gabriel sat at the bar in his kitchen drinking coffee and enjoying the rays. Suddenly he was shrouded in darkness. It took him a moment to understand what had happened, he automatically looked up at the lights. That's when he saw it. "Wow!" He said out loud. 

What he could see was a colossal spaceship as big as the town. Just there no noise, no hum just there. He could hear the commotion starting in the street outside. He ran to the tv. He clicked on to a news channel then another, then another. They were all reporting on the ship. It took him a few moments to realise that they weren't focusing on the ship he could see, but that there were many ships. All around the world ships had appeared over the major population centres.

Radiating from the ships was a green beam that was just sweeping across the cities. The beam didn't seem to be disrupted by the buildings it just passed right through them as if they weren't there. Gabriel ran to the window the noise from outside had intensified, people were running, shouting and screaming. Cars had been abandoned in the streets, horns blared pointlessly. As he retuned to the living area to focus on the news report. Suddenly there was a green hue coming from his kitchen area. The beam passed through his kitchen and on in to his living area. Gabriel took a step back then raised his hands as the beam approached. As soon as the beam touched his hands he felt his legs give way. He dropped to his knees his nose began to bleed just a trickle and then collapsed to the floor. His head was fuzzy the sound of the news reporter echoed and rattled around in his ears then he lost consciousness.

"Gabriel, Gabriel" he slowly opened his eyes, the blurry image of a face began to emerge.

"Gabriel are you OK?".

It was Sarah. Sarah lived just two apartments down in the same block. They both had keys for each other's places. They had known each other for many years, and trusted each other implicitly. In fact Sarah had held a torch for Gabriel for much of that time. Gabriel didn't think of her that way, he loved her; but not that way.

"What happened to you? Did you see the ship?"

"Yes, what's  it doing now?"

"It's gone, they've all gone"

"What? Why?"

"No one knows they just vanished, what happened to you Gabriel?"

"The beam, when I touched it, that's the last I remember'" Gabriel's memory was still a little fuzzy.

"The beam passed through me but I didn't feel anything"

Gabriel was still sitting on the floor, he got to his feet and walked to the kitchen it all seemed normal. He made his way to the bathroom and threw water on his face. He looked in the mirror, the water dripped slowly down his face. He felt confused. 

Sarah walked in and hugged Gabriel tightly.

"I don't know what I'd do if you were; I was scared Gabriel. What does this all mean?"

"I don't know Sarah, I need to speak to Peter"

"Do you want me to organise it" Sarah had automatically turned in to work mode.

"No I'll speak to him, you can cancel my meetings today though"

"OK" as she left she stopped and looked back at Gabriel.

"You are OK aren't you?"

"Don't worry I'm fine, nothing a coffee won't fix" Gabriel smiled "I'll speak to you later, really don't worry, we'll work it out, we always do hey"

"OK see you later" Sarah stood for a moment looking at Gabriel then she left.

The End

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