The ProwlMature

   Well it looks like the fucker had his fix for the night and he should be calm for now. I know his kind he prays on the scum. Heroin addicts and drunken deadbeats. Even though he is, well not living he can still feel the effects of these drugs. He lives the high unlife. Some say it eases the pain of loneliness most vampires face, but I'm sure thats not the case. He probably enjoys the high. Fucking druggie even in death he is a loser. The higher vampires frown upon this, using the gift as a way to get a free high.

   I'm not clear on his past or what he did while he was human. One things for sure though he loved to party. A hundred bucks says he goes into that club right there. Ha! I was right ok buddy I hope you are ready for this, lets go. Alot of vampires hangout in this club, its like a breeding ground for these fuckers. You can always tell who is a bloodsucker in here just by looking at there hands. The people without drinks those are vampires, they can't drink or eat anything because it makes them sick.

   Hear the music its code for vampires, plans of the future or just new comers to the curse. We haven't fully decoded it, but we do know that certain vibrations mean certain things. Make sure you keep this guy in your sight, they come here not only to party but also lose a tail. Awww looks like our freind has a girl in his life. See them over there at the bar chatting like there is no tommorow. She is one of them too. The bartender over there is one of us. He lets us know whats going on.

   Looks like the little vamp is getting bored. The daylight is coming soon anyway lets go see where he goes next.   

The End

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