Agency of DarknessMature

   The crimson liquid drips from her neck as she lays there silently. The sweet nectar of the living makes him feel so complete. His senses are so elevated, and it tastes so good. Poor girl she probably had a great life. Oh well not his problem, he don't care. He sees the living as juice bags, fucking cattle. They are here just to keep him going. See he is a bloodsucker, a vampire you know like Dracula. Ive been keeping my eye on him, but I'm sure he knows that already. Ha! he is probably keeping his eye on me.

   My name is Jonathon and I'm a watcher. My job is to make sure that the shadows of the underworld don't become to famous if you know what I mean. Yes these creatures are real vampires, werewolves, and a few that I can't reveal to you. These are feinds of darkness prowl our streets. I was a little suprised to learn this myself, but only one can wonder what the government hides from you.

   I have been on this certain case for the past three weeks. It seems that our little plasma sucker has problems with his new identity. His maker or sire if you will had contacted us. She told our agency about this misfit, and how he don't understand the importance of secrecy. See we are kind of like a police for them. Whenever one of there kind gets out of line we step in.

   Our agency and the ungodly creatures have an unbreakable contract. As long as they respect us we respect them. Sure alot of people die because of these of those heathens, but who are we to judge. There is a plus side to them though, population control. Without them the world would be well over populated. I'm sure you've seen those people on the news that dissapear, never to be heard of again. You know those people that go to jail for murder and still to this day claim to be not guilty. Well they are telling the truth.

   Like I said before I've been working this case for a short time. This certain subject has told his family about his new found glory. The fucker is breaking the rules and he has to pay. He was told before not to do this as all vampires are, but he didn't listen. New vampires are not told of us as a sort of security for our agency. He has ran away from his maker and returned to his family. Not so common amongst vamps, but it does happen. This poses as a problem to us and bloodsuckers alike. See in order to keep this a secret a vampire must have no contact with the mortal world. Well contact with the mortal world is okay as long as you kill them before they find out about the little hidden chapter in there lives.

   Word on the street is that he wants to turn his whole family, but the thing he don't know is that he is to weak to do this. What will happen is instead giving his family the black curse, they will just die. If this happens then he will probably resent being a vampire and come clean about his secret. This has happened only once before, and word got out. This is the reason there is vampire legends today. We weren't able to conceal this in time and the rumor spread like the plague.

   Okay! looks like he is on the move lets go. I hope you drank enough coffee because the night is still young.

The End

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