Age of Miracles Journal Entry Week Two

At this point, many people have come to terms with the issue, as best as they can, and the government has stepped in a bit to try to ease minds. While this method, trying to keep everyone working by the clocks, works well for some, others, like Sylvia, aren't able to keep it up. Tensions have begun to rise, and Julia has lost her best friend for good. If I was in her spot, I would have trouble being able to function at all with the world seemingly collapsing around me. I've been very surprised by how heartless some people have become, treating those who follow the rise and setting of the sun as though they were pure freaks, which is completely horrendous. Julia's parents have also been fighting much more frequently, but they still seem to love each other, which reminds me of quite a few different conflicts among family members. The work is getting more exciting, and becoming quite enjoyable.

The End

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