Age Of Miracles Chapter 17-25

Chapter 17:
On the way to Julia's grandfather's house Julia's mom passes out while driving and hits a guy in the middle of the road.

Chapter 18:
They figured out that her mom passed out due to gravity sickness. Gabby is talking to a guy online.

Chapter 19:
They continue trying to live life as usual. Julia, however, becomes disinterested in soccer.

Chapter 20:
Julia's father lies and tells her mother that the man they hit lived.

Chapter 21:
Plants are starting to die.


Everyone is attempting to live life as usual. It is obviously not working. The real-timers are continuing to be separated from the rest of the people. People are using the slowing as an excuse for their behavior. Julia is getting sassy and trying to blame that on the slowing but I think it is just the age she is at right now. 

I think the theme is that "People try to blame anyone/anything that can get the blame off of them". The Slowing was a perfect time to do anything you want. It provided a good excuse. Sure, some people were freaking out but others were just like "well the end of the world is coming anyways so I can just do whatever I want. Humans are good at making excuses. If it make them look inocent, they are likely to do it... even if it means blaming someone else.

The End

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