"What went on in that head of his? I would soon come to understand that he gave voice to only a fraction of the thoughts that swam behind his eyes. It was not nearly so clean and smooth in there as it seemes. Other lives were housed in that mind, parallel worlds. Maybe we're all built a little bit that way. But most of us drop hints. Most of us leave clues. My father was more careful."

A certain paragraph in chapter 10 captured my attention, where Julia is analyzing her father and his thought process. I can relate to this because I do this all of the time; I am definitely a people watcher, and I love analyzing people's thoughts. 

Julia finds herself being able to relate to her father more abstractly. Dealing with the grief of a catastrophe is often very different to each person. For example, Julia likes to have the company of a friend to talk to in this horrible time, which is why, since Hanna has become distant, snobby and shallow, Julia finds a friend in her neighbor Gabby, who is very different from her. Similarly, Julia's tool of a father finds refuge in the arms of another woman. A woman in fact, that her mother could not be further from in their mindset or anything to do with their mind.  Julia's mother has been overcome with grief and stress because of the possibility of the world ending. I can almost feel the gripping anxiety when her mother is even mentioned, and I think going inside of the mind of someone who says so much would probably be very interesting, because you can really look into the things she doesn't say.

The End

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