Greatness has no age limit.

The oldest triathlete is Arthur Gilbert he is 91 and completed a 500m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run. He says the secret is stay stressed free, be happy, do charity work and be positive.

Surely then we are all  capable of achieving great things? My belief that age is just a number and not a limitation has been proven many times over. The lifestyle you choose to have will have a massive influence on your health, vitality and well being.

If you choose to smoke, eat in excess and be inactivite then you must deal with the consequences. To give you some more examples of what is possible:

  • Laurie Lever 60 competed for the Australian show jumping.
  • Ian Millar 61 show jumping competitor.
  • Hiroshi Hoketsu 67 competing for dressage in Japan
  • Michael Jordon at 40 was the first to rack up 43 points in basketball
  • Jeannie Ciprelli 49 is one of the fastest French cyclist.

The choice is yours, you can take responsibility to achieve greatness or hide behind a number just because it makes things easier.






The End

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