There are no limitations.

At every stage of life, age seems to play a subconscious role to what we can and cannot do. Our limitations and expectations are often in line with how we view our age.
It seems age is a way to define our identity and justify why things are the way they are and therefore not having to take responsibility. Surely age is literally just a number and not a limitation?

At the start of life we are taught at every age our life experiences will change, shift and be challenged whether its at puberty, when we studying, get marriage or even as we age. How many times do older people say they look back at what they used to be able to do and now can no longer do? Having been told for so long that every age has its limitations we believe this to be true, when the reality is yes certain things are age appropriate, however there are other parts of life where age really is just a number. There are certain limitations that are age appropriate like drinking, driving and marriage for example and there is good reason for this, however there are many other areas in life that age is only a reason to accept limitations. Instead of making it a limitation how about looking within and asking what your heart desires, what do you really want and what is possible? The only time to ever stop living is when your dead, after all life is short why waste it.
The End

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