age before beauty

old with new

so lively and youthful photographing his surroundings

every wrinkle in his face represents

strides--of the long way hes traveled.

his hair pearly white,

his blue eyes as deep as the sea

looking straight at me,

so content, kind and happy--

why, he just sew his first granddaughter marry!

happy to BE married for 52 years,

happy to have a family after loosing his.

full of love, full of life

he strides with such grace through the crouds.

always a good word- pessimism unheard (of)!

83 and looks so free,

free of regret, free of self blame,

simply grateful to have lived.

he watched the world evolve,

there seems there is no problem he cannot solve,

how I aspire to have his resolve

The End

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