A RevolutionMature

Haven Scott

"A revolution" I heard Knox whisper. I looked up with wide eyes scared he was thinking that that was what I was thinking. He was a soldier now. He could kill me without a reason.

"No, sir, I-"

Knox shook his head and held up a hand before lowering it. His eyes began to watch her again like they had when she had been stood in his doorway but then he coughed. "I heard nothing alright just... go" he whispered.

So I did I raced away like my life was at risk which really it was.


It was 5 days till my wedding and I was very worried. Keiran had shown a lot of interest in me that I couldn't return. I hadn't been able to see Knox so my fondness of him grew and I spent the days sighing to myself.

Adaline had noticed it but she'd come to the conclusion it was cause I was to marry a man I could never show any affection to. She found it very worrying how everytime a half dead flower arrived at work from Keiran that I would ignore it. I spent ages making the dresses and suits that had been ordered for the winter ball.

That ball was tonight and I'd attend to fit the dresses for the highborn's. The only thing stuck in my mind though was that Knox would be there. So as I passed from house to house I found my fingers beginning to tingle. 

Knox's house was the last on my list and he was the last fit of that house hold. I tried to keep it together as I knocked on the door but the moment Knox appeared I froze. He seemed to do the same and watched me until his mothers voice was yelling behind him. "Is that the girl with our outfits? Bring her in otherwise we will be late"

Knox stood aside and I scotted in but I felt his hand brush the back of my own which turned my cheeks pink. I rushed away and focused on fitting Knox's mothers dress which was a very extravagant gown which had been Adaline's proud and joy but she had offered to do the more arrogant highborn class if you can really tell the difference.

When I was done with the ladies dress and the father suit I stood outside Knox's door terrified to go in. My breathing was heavy and I was wondering over and over what he was feeling. Anger that he had to put up with my presence knowing I thought of a rebellion or the same tingle that I had. 

A sort of forbidden feeling of joy. Taking a deep breath I put my hand on the handle and opened the door walking in.

The End

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