It surprised Knox, seeing how fast Haven could actually run even though she was a slave, usually they would have hardly any energy to do nothing but work. But the girl was quick, her brown hair flowing in the wind behind her as she ran through the crowds and into the enclosure of the slave quarters. He ran after her through the winding streets, until finally he caught up with her at the mouth of an alleyway. Haven stood as still as a statue, leaning against the wall with her hands balling into fists and her brown eyes were hard like stone as she stared at the ground and yet at nothing at the same time.

Knox wanted to say something, but he couldn’t, what could he say to her that would make her feel better? Slaves and the Highborns were universally different, they thought differently and they acted differently, it was like they weren’t the same species of human. Knox was taught at school that slaves and Highborns were fundamentally different, the Highborns were better suited for the roles as leaders, whereas slaves loved following, it is in their nature to follow great people and time after time history has proved that theory.

But of course this was different. Knox was seeing that now, he could see how incredibly warped and grotesque society was, he could feel it in the steel walls of the buildings, he could see it in soldiers eyes, he could hear it when Lt. Ryker spoke about his grand killings and he could taste every time his tears fell to his mouth.

“Are you ok?” Knox hesitantly asked as he bent towards Haven, trying to take a look at her face, he could see her flinch instantly as he took hold of her shoulders, but then relax after a few moments.

“If I told you how I really felt,” Haven started angrily, “you would have to kill me.” She laughed bitterly at first, filled with sarcasm and hate, but slowly the bitter laugh became tears and quickly Haven buried her face into her hands.

Knox stepped back from Haven, shocked, hurt and excited by Haven’s reply. Knox was shocked, because he didn’t expect that sort of answer from Haven, hurt, because he truly believed that he was different from other Highborns and excited because perhaps she had the same thoughts as him.

Revolution: to bring a new era, a new way of thinking into Agarta. 

The End

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