Just Want The TruthMature

Haven Scott

The music flowed through me and my body ached to move. It was a strange feeling but I did understand it. I wanted to dance. Wanted to dance like the highborns would at the Winter Ball.  I swallowed and felt my palms get sweaty. Never will I get to dance like that. Not even at my wedding which I've read was a far back tradition. 

My marriage wouldn't be celebrated though. Kieran. I really didn't want to marry him. My heart ached to chose who I wished to marry. I wanted to marry a charming man. One that swept me off my feet at the mere sight of him. Some one like Knox. I felt sick to the stomach at my thoughts and scrambled to gather myself. "I-I need to go, sir" I said rushed. 

Knox watched me confused but followed me as I left in a hurry. I felt ill but didn't stop till I got to the alley's near my house. I lent against the metal wall and tried to take a steady breath.

I had never been one for the rules but I had always been smart. All these thoughts though.... they were not smart and I was scared at some point they would all have to flow out in a tumble of words. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes tightly. Why couldn't I speak though? Because of them?! Because of the highborns that murdered and killed my friends?! People that kill babies and dragged elders off by there hair once they had no use left to them.

The science quarter... I wanted to burn it down and smash every single chemical they even had thought about putting into my kind. I didn't understand why we were treated this way.

I didn't get why we were less than them. We were all surviving humans in a dying world and they treated us like slaves? What gave them the right? What was the truth behind all this?

....I just wanted the truth.

The End

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