He is a HighbornMature

Haven Scott

It was only two days later that we got another order in from Knox's mother. Knox... the name fit him perfectly and I was embarrassed how I'd been saying it over and over when I was alone. 

All these feelings. Emotions. Were forbidden and they made me sick to my stomach out of fear. Fear that someone would find out and drag me away to the science chamber where I'd be nothing to anyone cause I would be nothing, no one. I tried to calm myself as these thoughts over whelm me as I tried to focus on the plans for two suits and one dress. One suit for Knox. One for his father. Then a dress for his mother.

Honestly... I spent most of my efforts on Knox's suit. It wasn't going to be fitted like before but I was to deliver it to him cause apparently his parents had to go off. It was for another dinner. A celebration dinner. Held by Knox's captain because... Knox had passed his test.

I had been with Kieran when the news of the new soldiers had been sent out through the papers and almost had dropped when I saw his name.

Knox's name... to be a soldier. His fate sealed. He was to order and command my kind for his life. So when I had got home I had cried. Even Kieran trying to touch me with his grubby hands hadn't upset me as much.

So when it was the day to deliver the suit only the day after we got the order I was scared. It had been three days since the last time I'd seen Knox but this time he'd be a soldier. I was also freaking out cause my emotions were all over the place. I'd been thinking about him too much and too often. He was a highborn and that had slipped from my mind too often.

It all slotted into place as I walked to his home though. Even more when he opened the door and I was faced with the sight of his uniform. It made anything in my mind that had silently hoped something could change break and crack into millions of pieces.

He was a highborn and I... I was nothing. "The clothes, sir" I hand them over. "No need for fitting as requested. I looked down as Knox stared at me. As the soldier stared at me.

Then he opened his mouth and spoke.

The End

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