Haven Scott

My cheek stung and I hated the fact I would be stuck here for another seven hours to undo the stitches I was about to put into the trousers. The reason I'd have to undo them is cause they'd be tightened so the only way to get them off would be to get rid of the stitches about to be added.

"It's fine, sir" I knelt down again and began putting in the stitches. I saw Knox bite his lip. Knox. It suited him so well and before he had hit me my heart had been pounding like mad. Now, I knew. I was nothing to this highborn. I was nothing to any highborn and I was stupid to even think for a moment I would have anyone better than blacksmith Kieran as the slave I was.

"Done" I whispered packing the stuff into a box and stepping back. Knox looked at his outfit in the mirror before turning to look at me. His eyes were full of confusion and something else. It made my toes tingle. I didn't know what it was but a lump formed in my throat as I grew nervous.

"Thank you" he nodded. Its then his mother appeared by the door. Her face flustered. She looked at her son and smiled beautiful. Picking up the box I stepped out of her way.

"Just perfect" she said simply then turned to me. "I need a little help with my dress if you can"

"Yes, miss" I curtsies as best I can. She turns and strides off expecting me to follow. I glance at Knox our eyes meeting. My cheeks flush of their own accord before I race off.

The tightening stitches of Knox's mothers dress are simple. A few round the waist so it doesn't slack. "Good" the women says. "You can wait in the kitchen. Marie!"

A slave girl scurries in. "Yes, mistress"

"Take this young lady to the kitchen. Give her some spare food and water" the lady says waving her hand.

"Yes, miss"

Marie gestures to me to follow and I do. I look round in awe at the house. What I would of given to be allowed the chance to put my name up for house work. Its very rare though and I'd have to leave my mother.

I don't know if I could even if she'd want me to. 

The End

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