Haven Scott

"I really can't marry him" I said to Adaline as I sat down at my work place. Adaline bit her lower lip and kept on sewing. I waited for a answer but didn't get one. "Adaline" I complained still not getting an answer. 

Last night, when Kieran stayed for dinner, had gone horribly. He had been obviously attracted to me and when my mum had gone to wash the dishes giving us two sometime alone it had taken all I had to stop his grasping chunky hands. The thought of the mucky greasy things on my had made me throw up my dinner a while later. My mum was worried and so was Adaline but they kept their opinions to themselves. I knew they did it cause it might get better.

I didn't think it would. "I have a delivery" I snap getting up. I go to grab my badge pinning it to the breast pocket. It allowed my entry to the highborns quarter to go deliver and help fit them into their clothes.

I was delivering a suit today for a formal dinner. The person I was to dress was a soldier who had just got their exam letter. Leaving the textile chamber I headed towards the towering steps. That's how we thought of them because most people tried to get up there. To sneak into the highborn soceity but once someone saw them without their badge... they were scent to the science chamber or killed.

How they killed you wasn't nice either cause they were angry. Disgusted by your attempts to join them. I got to the top and checked my map on my pad. I bit my lip and began walking. 

I reached the house and knocked on the door. A women answered the door. "Ah, yes" she said. "Finally. Get it"

I stepped in quickly jumping as she slammed the door. I made sure my arms were tight to my side and feet together so I took up less space. She seemed happy about that she gestured to the package.

"Open it up" she says. I did putting the package on the ground and showing her the shirt. Then jacket and finally trousers. She nods happy and gestures for me to follow. I wrap it all up quickly and then follow quickly. The house is an average one for a highborn. The place it large compared to my crapped four room house.

She led me into a large bedroom. "This is my son who the outfit needs to be fitted on"

I did not expect it to be him.

The End

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