The Message at HomeMature

Waving goodbye to Rian, Knox started towards his families’ quarters, his home, and yet again he tried to wipe away the grey stain on his white shirt that the girl had made when she bumped into him. Knox could still smell the stench from the Agriculture and Textile Chambers, it was as if the smell had crawled up his nose and decided to live there permanently, perhaps the smell had clung to his shirt. Self-conscious, Knox walked faster out of the servant’s quarters and into the Highborns half of the city, which was cleaner and prettier than where the servants resided. But he could feel their animosity towards him as if the stench on his shirt was somehow offending them personally, his back shivered terribly at the thought of the other Highborns looking down on him for the smell and in a sort of panic Knox started to run to his house.

That damn girl, that stupid girl, why didn’t she look where she was going? Knox thought bitterly as he ran around a corner and sprinted straight down the street.

It took another five minutes until finally Knox arrived at his house, all the houses in the city were identical; the same cold steel walls and the same black doors. Except of course for the higher ranks whose houses were magnificent steel buildings with glass windows and beautiful decorations outside of their home.

Walking into the lounge room Knox quickly walked to his bedroom, got changed out of his clothes and had a quick shower in the adjacent bathroom, which of course had a cold concrete floor and blue, cold steel. Knox instantly felt relaxed as he changed into new clothes and headed out to the lounge room whilst drying his short dark brown hair with the white towel.

“You have a message on the phone,” Knox’s mother, Jillian, said from the kitchen as she poured herself another glass of orange juice and vodka. Jillian Zero was a beautiful woman, in fact, she was known throughout Agarta for her beauty, charm and intelligence. But Jillian’s obvious alcohol problem was a secret behind closed doors; she hated her life and her husband.

Knox knew this, but had never spoken about it to his father.

Nodding stiffly Knox pressed the play button on the answering machine; the woman’s robotic voice told him that he had one message that was sent on 2:30pm.

“Knox Zero, you’re training exam will be held on the 2ndof December.” The voice was clipped and sterile, as if a broken a robot was repeating a message that someone had told it. But Knox knew it was one of the military administrators, they always sounded like that, all of them monotone and genderless.

Knox closed his eyes in frustration; his training exam was going to be two days from now. In two days his future was going to be decided, in the next two days his career as one of Agarta’s soldiers was either going to begin or end. 

The End

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