A little illMature

Haven Scott

I fell completely silent when I looked up and realise I had just collided into a highborn soldier. Not only that but it was him. The soldier from before. The one that had told me to go and, that Adaline claims, spared us.

I swallow back a shocked reply and step back curtsying. "I'm sorry" I choke out then rush off again. I can feel his eyes on me and the look of recognition on his face so pure. He was confused almost.

I shook my head and kept walking but slowly I came to a stop and looked back. The soldier was laughing with the other soldier. The other one was different though peering at the seamstress girl's with a look of hunger on his face. My soldier though was calm. Collected. He seemed to keep the whole walk through the quarters as work.

I blushed as I realised what I thought of him. Oh gosh, he wasn't my soldier. I couldn't be thinking that. The soldier was a highborn. Even if he liked playing around with the slaves he'd never be mine No, I had a husband already sorted out for me.

A man named Kieran that was a blacksmith. I was to have 2 children by this man that I hadn't even met. I'd meet him tonight though because he was coming round to dinner. 

I swallowed nervously and looked away from the soldiers. I began to walk again towards my home. That was the reason I was heading home so early. To get ready. My marriage letter was only through yesterday and I met my husband today.

I'd have only 2 weeks before we were married. The only thing I hoped for now that he was drastically ugly. I couldn't have to high standards though. I couldn't expect him to be a dashingly handsome as the soldier. It was impossible for a slave to look that good even if they had the natural looks.

Finally, I reached my house. It was a small little thing right on the edge of the quarter. I sighed and closed my eyes against the sight of the simple and mucky home. My mother was there of course. She was retired and had not yet been taken away. They always took the elderly away when they had no use which is why I was so glad that Adaline would still be here after I was married. 

Still, there was a worry after when Adaline was married. I wouldn't be able to stop them taking away. It wasn't my choice or hers. It was theirs, the highborns, and they needed people for the science quarter.

I had heard the stories and hoped with every fiber of my being that they weren't true. She didn't want to lose her mother to a fate worse than death.

When I walked in a saw her smiling face though I relaxed. She was still here for now though. "Mother" I said rushing over to hug her tightly.

"Oh oh dear" she laughed. "What's this all about?"

"Nothing" I quickly say. "I just.."

My mothers face hardened knowing exactly what I had just been thinking. "Now, Haven, what have I told you?"

"I can't help but worry about you more though mother" I pleaded for some leeway. "I'll be taken away soon for marriage"

"Taken away sound's very harsh dear for getting married. Now get upstairs and get into some nicer clothes" she snapped waving a spoon at me. "Your future husband will be here any minute"

I sighed and made my way upstairs tugging off my work clothes to pull on a simple blue dress. I'd stitched it myself and it would be beautiful if not for the cheap material. It was as I was pulling back my hair that I heard the know. I swallowed. Kieran. He was here. 

I heard voices. My mothers and a very rough one. I took a deep slow breath then headed towards the stairs. I walked down them slowly. He was tall is what I saw first and had strong muscles which were from the forge. Then his darkened skin.

I bit back my horror as I reached the bottom. His face was large and his eyes bulged out like some man in a horror movie that we heard about from the old days. His lips were huge and puffy.

Generally overall I felt a little ill. Oh gosh, this is the man I have to marry?

The End

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