Winter BallMature

Haven Scott

"Isn't this wonderful Haven?" Adaline flicked out the fabric and I grabbed it tugging it so she could cut a straight line through the material. 

"Wonderful" I shake my head. "I don't see anything wonderful about serving those high headed idiots anymore"

Adaline sighed and kept cutting. "Haven..." she whispered. My friend was worried for me. Not only cause my marriage letter had come through but also cause, since what happened with Tally's twins four days ago, I had been snapping comments like that so often I could receive the same fate as the innocent baby if I was heard.

"How can you just be so came, Adaline?" I snapped at her. "You were taken from your family. How can you be so calm about it?"

She turned on me with fury in her eyes. "Because the only way I will get to see them again is if I earn enough coin to pay my was back to the quarter they live in"

I sunk back and look down at the floor. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I knew why I should keep quiet. We had family. People that would be left behind if we were caught slacking shifts or spewing nasty words about the Highborns. "I just.... the baby" I looked up at Adaline and her face turned soft.

"I know" she whispers. "But you need to try and not think about it"

"Not think about it" I whispered annoyed again. "We heard she was cut in half like some... like some sort of pig. She was a baby. She couldn't even say a word or walk a step"

Adaline looked down at the fabric. "Can we not just focus on getting these dresses finished?" she whispered. "Haven this is a chance to earn better money. The winter ball will give us a chance to sell our dresses. You know only the best of the best get their dresses sold. We need to work our fingers to the bone"

"I know, Adaline. I know the money we could earn would be wonderful. I know going up above the quarters to the glass heavens of the highborns would be a wonderous sight. A once in a life time chance"

"But?" Adaline questioned looking over at me.

"I don't know if I can face them and hold me tongue"

"What about that soldier?" she questioned turning on me. I blushed. Adaline knew I hadn't been able to get the highborn out of my mind. Not only were the thoughts I had forbidden but would be seen as laughable and disgusting by the highborns. It could be thought of like that even more so by the soldier. "He saved us, Haven"

"He didn't" I say turning away. "I bet he was going to yell at us to get out of there"

Adaline sighed heavily. "Oh, Haven" she muttered. 

"Lets just get on with the dresses" I snapped and rushed off to get more fabric.

The End

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