Knox ZeroMature

Knox Zero

Knox stared after the girl as she ran back with her friend to towards the Agriculture and Textile chamber, he had never seen her before –as it was his first day of being a soldier- but already the look of disgust on her face was enough to know how the secondary humans of Agarta really thought of those born of higher status. Knox couldn’t help but feel disgusted by the servants, their clothes were unflattering, they wore no makeup and their eyes always had that dead look about them.

He frowned at himself though, realising that he had just spared two girls from punishment. Why did he do that?

“Knox,” the sharpness of his name spoken by the leader, Lt Ryker, brought him back to the task at hand, “you can take this baby to the science quarters, might as well make use of the unwanted.” He ordered flatly, handing the baby to Knox who instinctively held the baby at arm’s length away from him, but still cradling it in his hands.

Lt Ryker was a beefy man with a hard face and brown hair that was always slicked back. He was known for his sudden bursts of rage and violence, and so therefore earned the nickname “Lt Reaper” for he always seemed to bring death to every mission that concerned the servants.

“Please, just giver her back, I’ll do anything please.” Cried the mother, who was now kneeling on the ground and crying hysterically. She looked up at Knox, her pleading dull grey eyes looking straight at him.

“Shut up!” Ryker shouted violently, but the woman kept crying, pleading for her child back, which was when Lt. Ryker shoved his large army boot down on the woman’s chest, knocking the air and the cries out of her.

“If you don’t shut your mouth I am dragging you to the incineration chamber.” Ryker said slowly, rage and disgust bubbling from his lips and pouring like vomit. The woman remained silent, her eyes wide with fear and obedience.

Breathing heavily like a bull just after a rampage, Lt Ryker turned his attention to Knox, the baby crying and still in his arms. His dark green eyes were wild with rage – if anyone looked a little closer they would be able to tell that Lt Ryker was on speed – as he took the baby from Knox’s arms and with one quick motion cut the baby clean in two with a knife from his belt before dropping it like a rag doll on the floor.

“Come on, let’s get moving, we’ll let her clean it up.” Ryker spat before stepping over the tiny body and leaving the servants chamber, followed closely behind by the other soldiers.

Knox didn’t follow, he stared down at the broken half of the body, the pool of blood surrounding it and then at the woman who cried silently as she stared at her child before her. Forcing the bile and tears back and without a word of condolences Knox walked out of the chambers and followed Lt. Ryker and the team to the next servant chamber. 

The End

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