The world is recked with havoc and soon the human race have to retreat from the gas infecting their world. That's what started the project Agarta. The repopulation of earth and the last city left standing.

Haven Scott

"Haven! Haven!" a voice called. I turned to be met with sight of my work partner, Adaline, and my only friend. There was a look of panic of the young seamstress' face. "The soldiers have come to take away one of Tally's twins"

My eyes widened and I allowed my friend to grab my hand to pull me along to the open common room of the servants quarters. I had never seen one of these before. An inforcement of a law which actually required the removement of a child. Tally had been only supported for three children so when her third pregnancy brought twins.... Well, everyone knew that the Highborn's were going to do something.

The soldiers were Highborn's. Enforces of the law and the only people allowed the leave the domed off city of Agarta. 

I couldn't think about that now though. I was worrying about poor Tally. At the young age of 18 she had been forced to marry Robert, a electronic, from another servant quarter this one being number 3.

All servants had their quarter number set to them on their birth. This could even take them away from their parents like it did to Adaline who now lived with me and my widowed mother. My father had died in the nuclear reactor incident last year and I had no siblings since my mother had only been supported for one child.

It was the Highborn's that decided what you were supported for. They chose your quarter that you'd live in your entire life. They chose what job you would work for life. They chose your partner and the amount of kids you had. It was horrible and everyone knew that but no one would dare defy them. The chips put in them at birth threatened their life to much for even the bravest to defy them.

Which was why I was so shocked when Adaline pulled me into the common area and Tally was screaming.

"No!" she cried. "Give her back! You monsters!"

Most of the soldiers laughed including the one holding Tally's newborn child. It was the girl I suspect. Even though I had never seen this before I knew that they always took the youngest girl. I swallowed and gripped Adaline's hand tightly as we watched. She held my hand back just as tightly and looking at her face I saw only the horror in her eyes while her face remained collected.

I couldn't stop the horror showing on my face even though I knew I shouldn't. By showing my horror I was defying the Highborn's judgement. A soldier glanced at the gathering crowd. He was obviously the leader cause he was the only one with his helmet off that they wore to survive the poisoness gas outside and to generally hide their identity.

Soldiers had the most violent job of all the Highborn's and the job that could be the most cruel. Apart from the King who made all the desisions.

"Get lost all of ya!" the leader snapped. Then to the soldier holding the women, "Take her home"

Adaline tried to pull me away but I stay rooted to the spot. Which is when another soldier glanced over. Flipping up his visor he quickly mouthed, "Go"

The words shook me back into action and I scurried away with Adaline to do my work.

The End

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